Wife elopes with another man, husband marries her lover’s wife as revenge

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In a tit-for-tat move, a married woman ran away with another man and her husband decided to take revenge by marrying the wife of his spouse’s lover in India’s Bihar, NDTV reported. 

Ruby Devi was married to a man named Neeraj since 2009 and the couple had four children together. However, Neeraj discovered that his wife was having an extramarital affair with a man named Mukesh a few years after their marriage

Last year, Ruby and Mukesh decided to get married and upon finding the harsh reality, her husband filed a complaint against the man saying he had kidnapped Ruby. 

In his complaint, Neeraj claimed that a panchayat (village council) took place in a bid to settle the matter but Mukesh refused to adhere to it and has been on the run since then. 

Mukesh, who was also a married man, had two children and interestingly, his wife’s name was also Ruby. Neeraj decided to take revenge and married Mukesh’s wife this year. 

The news caught the attention of social media users who also started giving their opinions while some took it as a joke.

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