K-pop group NCT’s Yuta set to star in Japanese series

On March 3rd, it was confirmed that Yuta from the K-pop group NCT will be starring in a new Japanese series as the lead. The working title for the series is Play It Cool, Guys.

The show will be based on the hit Japanese animation where four men’s lives keep getting entangled with each through fateful encounters. The story seeks to comfort viewers through the friendship the four men develop and the way they depend on each other.

Yuta will be playing a college student who is dissatisfied with his personality named Ichikura Hayate. He is a character who is quirky and has a unique charm but pretends to be cool after making mistakes, hiding his shy personality.

Fans are excited about the project, eagerly anticipating his portrayal of a complex character. Yuta’s acting debut was made through HiGH&LOW THE WORST X, a Japanese film which came out last year. 

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