Woman murders her toddler, eats ‘part of his body’

Police tape is seen on a crime scene. — Reuters/File 

In an extremely horrific incident, a mother in Egypt allegedly killed her five-year-old son, chopped up his body and ingested a part of his head. 

According to a law enforcement source, the 29-year-old woman named Hanaa decapitated her son and ate his body part as she “wanted him to stay with her forever”. 

The woman was arrested after the police found the boy’s remains in buckets on her property, The Mirror reported. 

Hanaa, who has been separated from her husband for some years, said that she did not intend to kill her son named Youssef. She claimed that her mental health issues led to her committing such a heinous act. 

The local media said that the woman is yet to undergo a mental health evaluation as a part of the investigation. 

Kenyan woman stabs daughter, eats her liver

In a separate incident in Kenya, a woman appeared in court for stabbing her two-year-old girl before decapitating and eating her liver. 

The 24-year-old named Olivia Naserian killed her little girl, Glory Njeri, with a knife. The court ordered the woman to stay in custody for an additional 10 days as the investigation continues. 

The girl’s body was taken for postmortem and additional time was sought to establish the woman’s mental condition. 

“We believe the court will give us more time to investigate this matter, we also want to establish whether this woman is normal or has a mental illness,” said Benson Mutia, who is the Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss. 

“What she did to her own baby is unexplainable.”

Eyewitnesses reportedly saw the woman stabbing the baby through the window while “singing hymns and obsessively reciting the alphabet”. 

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