WATCH: Student pepper-sprays teacher for confiscating her phone

Student pepper-spraying her teacher in Nashville, US. — Twitter screengrab/@OnlyBangersEth

A high school student pepper-sprayed her teacher twice after he confiscated her phone in class, NDTV reported.

The shocking incident took place in a US school last week. The video, which was originally shared on Reddit, circulated on social media platforms, causing outrage among netizens.

The video shows a teacher coming out of the classroom after the student pepper-sprays him. The female student could be seen following the teacher, asking for her phone back.

As per reports, the student was “texting and Googling answers for her school work” when the teacher took her phone.

The teacher pulls his arm away when the student tries getting her phone back, later pepper-spraying him. The teacher then falls to the ground in pain but the student continues to ask for her phone.

”Can I get my phone, I need my phone,” she screams.

Another teacher tells the student that she cannot get her phone back.

The Reddit user who posted the video said that the same teacher was once punched when he took away another student’s phone when he was caught cheating. He said that it was common in this school.

Social media users said that the girl “straight up assaulted” the teacher. ”This. She would be expelled immediately to a third-world country. Often time, I wonder why young people don’t respect their teachers in America. Is kind of a cultural shock to me. I’m an immigrant. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in my native country,” wrote a user.

”The sad part is all the other kids just laugh likes it’s a joke,” wrote another user.

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