Trump criticises Biden for skipping Charles’ coronation ceremony

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.— AP

In an interview on Wednesday, Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden for not attending King Charles III’s coronation, describing it as “disrespectful.”

Mr Biden was invited to a state visit to the UK by the new monarch, who will be coronated this week. Although the President won’t be attending, first lady Jill Biden is expected to be present at the celebrations. 

Donald Trump expressed his surprise and criticized Biden’s decision, saying that it was “disrespectful” for him not to be there.

During an interview with Nigel Farage, Donald Trump suggested that Joe Biden’s physical endurance was the reason for his absence from King Charles III’s coronation ceremony. Trump expressed his belief that although it might be physically challenging for Biden to travel to the UK, he should have attended as a representative of the US.

Despite Donald Trump’s criticism of Joe Biden’s absence from the coronation of King Charles III, it’s worth noting that no US president has ever attended a British monarch’s coronation. While a delegation selected by President Dwight Eisenhower did attend Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, Eisenhower himself did not.

Furthermore, there is no indication that King Charles III views Biden’s absence as disrespectful, as he has not made any public statements to that effect. The White House has confirmed that Biden will make a state visit to the UK in the near future, and Biden has expressed his appreciation for King Charles III’s invitation.

Although Joe Biden’s age and stamina have been a target of criticism from the right, he was still able to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election. Furthermore, he has made several international trips since taking office, including a recent visit to Ireland last month.

Despite Joe Biden’s successful campaign against Donald Trump, questions about his age and ability to serve a full term as president persist among some on the right and in the media, particularly as he is now running for reelection. If he were to serve two full terms, he would be 86 years old upon leaving office. Donald Trump, who took office in 2017, was also one of the oldest presidents ever elected, leading some to call for new leadership and a younger generation of politicians to take the reins of power in both major US political parties.

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