Taliban Bans Women From Working at U.N. – SUCH TV

Female Afghan employees of the United Nations have been banned from working by Taliban authorities in eastern Afghanistan.

According to international media reports, The United Nations expresses concern over ban on Afghan Female Staff in Afghanistan by Taliban.

The UN mission expressed “serious concern” after its female staffers were prevented from reporting to work in Nangarhar Province.

“We remind de facto authorities that United Nations entities cannot operate and deliver life-saving assistance without female staff”.

Taliban spokesmen were not immediately available for comment, and the group did not issue a statement.

As per reports, the UN said the Taliban had informed them verbally but there had not yet been written communication of the move.

The UN has told its Afghan staff – men and women – not to report to work for 48 hours, until it has clarity on the matter in meetings with the Taliban.

There has been an increasing clampdown on women’s freedoms since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in 2021.

“This is the latest in a disturbing trend undermining the ability of aid organisations to reach those most in need,” a UN spokesman said, adding that it “cannot operate and deliver life-saving assistance without female staff”.

The UN has called the Taliban order “unacceptable and frankly inconceivable”.


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