People flock to Gandhara art exhibition in China

A man takes a picture of a piece at the Gandhara art exhibition in the Wenhua Hall of the Palace Museum in China. —Twitter/@BJNewsWorld

BEIJING: The Pakistan-China joint exhibition being held at the Palace Museum to showcase the cultural heritage of Gandhara has attracted a large number of visitors.

The exhibition titled “Gandhara Heritage along the Silk Road” was jointly organized by the Palace Museum and the Department of Archaeology and Museums, National Heritage and Cultural Division, Pakistan.

The exhibition featured a wide array of artifacts, sculptures, and other items that were representative of the Gandharan culture.

Talking to APP, Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque said that the exhibition generated a lot of interest among Chinese people and will promote cultural ties and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

He added that the exhibition was initially organised for three months but due to the interest shown by the people, it is expected to continue longer.

The exhibition also included a multimedia presentation, art installations, and interactive activities to help visitors understand the cultural history of the region. Over 170 art pieces brought from various museums of Pakistan will be showcased at the Palace Museum, Beijing.

The event is also an essential part of the Year of Tourism Exchanges being celebrated by China and Pakistan this year.

Ambassador Haque said that a large number of people from both countries, including government officials, academics, and members of the public had so far visited this exhibition and learned more about Gandhara heritage.

The Gandhara exhibition is a great opportunity for both countries to learn more about each others’ culture and history.

The exhibition will also help strengthen the ties between the two nations and promote mutual understanding, he added.

Ambassador Haque said that Pakistani and Chinese cultures had several similarities.

He said that the cultural exchanges would further strengthen the all-weather friendship between the two countries.

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