Donald Trump headed for easy win over Nikki Haley in North Dakota caucus

Trump’s victory comes ahead of Super Tuesday when 15 states and one US territory vote

Republican presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump gestures on stage during a campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia, US March 2, 2024. — Reuters
  • Haley recently won her first nominating contest in Washington.
  • Trump won eight nominating contests in primary season.
  • Trump focused on likely general election rematch with Joe Biden.

Based on projections by Edison Research, Donald Trump emerged victorious from the North Dakota Republican presidential caucuses on Monday.

This puts him in a strong position to secure the party’s presidential nominee on Super Tuesday, which is a series of elections, NBC News reported.

The penultimate competitor for the Republican presidential nomination, Nikki Haley, was soundly crushed by the former United States president, Trump, in North Dakota.

On the biggest day of the primary calendar, Tuesday’s elections, which will take place in 15 states and one US territory, are predicted to be dominated by Trump.

Former United Nations ambassador Haley won her first nominating contest on Sunday, the Washington, DC, primary, but has no clear path to the nomination in a primary season where Trump has won the first eight contests and is expected to carry almost all the remaining races going forward.

Trump is focused on a likely general election rematch in November with US President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

The Democratic primary in Washington will be held in June.

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