Which Is The Best Bar In India? Asia’s 50 Best Bars List Reveals

What comes to your mind when you think of a good bar? Is it about the drinks and concoctions, the vibrant ambience, or the buzzing music? Food and drink lovers are always on the lookout for hideouts and the best spots to visit in the city. If you are travelling to India or across Asia, and are thinking of catching up with your friends for a drink – we have just what you need. The list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars has been released by the popular awards body ’50 Best Bars’ recently.

India Makes A Mark: Four Indian Bars Featured In Asia’s 50 Best Bars List

The much-awaited list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars was released in a ceremony held in Hong Kong. The best bar in the continent was Coa located in Hong Kong. Other prominent Asian cities featured in the list included Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul. Meanwhile, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru too were spotted among the top 50. On number 18 was Sidecar in New Delhi, co-owned by the legendary mixologist Yangdup Lama. It also earned the title of Best Bar in India.
Meanwhile, Mumbai too was spotted in not just one but two entries in the list. The Bombay Canteen made it to the number 35 spot in Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Further, The Living Room, which is the newly launched bar at Masque, Mumbai featured on the 48th spot in the list. From the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru, Copitas made its mark at the 38th spot in the best bars. Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, it is led by mixologist Ankush Gamre. View the full list on Instagram here
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Here Is The Complete List Of Asia’s 50 Best Bars:

  1. Coa (Hong Kong)
  2. Jigger & Pony (Singapore)
  3. BKK Social Club (Bangkok)
  4. Bar Benfiddich (Tokyo)
  5. Zest (Seoul)
  6. Tropic City (Bangkok)
  7. Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore)
  8. Argo (Hong Kong)
  9. Darkside (Hong Kong)
  10. Sago House (Singapore)
  11. Indulge Experimental Bistro (Taipei)
  12. Vesper (Bangkok)
  13. Bar Cham (Seoul)
  14. The SG Club (Tokyo)
  15. Analogue (Singapore)
  16. Republic (Singapore)
  17. The Aubrey (Hong Kong)
  18. Sidecar (New Delhi)
  19. The Cocktail Club (Jakarta)
  20. Virtu (Tokyo)
  21. Manhattan (Singapore)
  22. Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar (Bangkok)
  23. Lamp Bar (Nara)
  24. 28 Hongkong Street (Singapore)
  25. Le Chamber (Seoul)
  26. Penicillin (Hong Kong)
  27. Atlas (Singapore)
  28. Alice (Seoul)
  29. Pantja (Jakarta)
  30. Employees Only (Singapore)
  31. Quinary (Hong Kong)
  32. Stay Gold Flamingo (Singapore)
  33. Mostly Harmless (Hong Kong)
  34. The Curator (Manila)
  35. The Bombay Canteen (Mumbai)
  36. Bar Trigona (Kuala Lumpur)
  37. Southside Parlor (Seoul)
  38. Copitas (Bengaluru)
  39. Hope & Sesame (Guangzhou)
  40. Smoke & Bitters (Sri Lanka)
  41. Vender (Taichung)
  42. Native (Singapore)
  43. The Public House (Taipei)
  44. Bee’s Knees (Kyoto)
  45. High Five (Tokyo)
  46. Soko (Seoul)
  47. The Old Man (Hong Kong)
  48. The Living Room (Mumbai)
  49. The Bellwood (Tokyo)
  50. Penrose (Kuala Lumpur)

For more information on Asia’s 50 best bars, click here.  

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