Watch: Lucknow’s ‘Midnight Wali Maggi’ Leaves Internet Talking

We all have our ‘Maggi’ stories, some of which are extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories of the past. Let’s agree, a steaming bowl of Maggi has always been there, especially during those untimely cravings at the middle of the night. As we grew up, we found various other ways to enjoy the humble dish. Today, you would find dedicated Maggi points in your city, selling customised version of Maggi. Cheese Maggi, peri peri Maggi, tadka Maggi and more, you have a range options to choose from. Recently, we came across one such eatery that is taking the internet by storm. Why? The eatery is recreating your ‘3am wali Maggi’ memories in the most indulgent way possible. Let’s elucidate further.
During our search for heartfelt stories, we came across a video featuring a woman selling Maggi on the streets of Lucknow at the middle of the night. Reportedly, the locals gather around the stall in hundreds to satiate their midnight Maggi cravings. The video was uploaded on an Instagram handle, named ‘Flavours of Lucknow’. In the video, we could see the woman, tossing a large batch of Maggi on a tawa, with lots of spices and vegetables. She then transfers the noodles on plates and serve the customers with a smile on her face.
“Midnight 3 am wali Maggi in Lucknow!” the caption reads. The post further states that the stall specializes in veg masala Maggi, loaded with spices, butter and different types of vegetables. The stall opens at 11pm and operates until late at night.
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Watch the video here: 

Looks delicious, right? The video soon grabbed attention on the internet. It has garnered 344k likes and around 850 comments till now. While some people appreciated the efforts of the woman, some shared heart and love emoticons in the comments section. “Yes tried…instead of kadhai, they use tawa to prepare it. It tastes different,” reads a comment. “It tastes good,” stated another person.
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However, it seems some people disapproved of the dish and said, “The Maggi she sells is cold.” A person also suggested that the person selling next to her has better Maggi.
If give a choice, would you want to try this ‘midnight wali Maggi’? Let us know in the comments below. And yes, don’t forget to share your ‘Maggi’ story with us. 

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