Watch: Faridabad Student’s Homemade Rajma Kadhi Chawal Stall Wins The Internet

Street food stalls are everywhere in our country. You’ll find yummy street foods being sold at almost every nook and corner of your city. If you go beyond the tempting foods, you’ll uncover some interesting stories behind these stalls. The vendors of these stalls come from all walks of life. Some are old, some are young, some do it out of passion and some do it due to necessity. The internet has brought to the fore many such stories. An engineer couple gave up their job to sell biryani, a woman, fondly called “MA English Chaiwali”, quit her British Council job, and a young boy set up a shop to make ends meet. These stories always touch our hearts. 

Another person to have made an impression on us is a young student who juggles his studies and food stall. The student has set up a makeshift food stall in Greenfield colony, Faridabad, and sells a variety of homemade Indian foods, kept on wooden tables. What is really impressive is that the boy cooks all the food himself. 

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This talented food vendor was discovered by food vlogger Vishal who posted a video about him on his Instagram handle ‘foodyvishal’. “Young student selling delicious food in Faridabad,” he wrote in the caption. When asked if the vendor learnt to cook for his business, he said he is self-trained and taught himself by cooking regularly for the love of cooking. 

The video also shows what is served at the stall. Big casseroles contain all the sabziz. There is kadhi pakodi, white chole, rajma, plain white rice, yellow arhar palak dal, creamy-style palak paneer and tawa rotis kept in a hot box to keep them warm. The meal is served in disposable aluminium containers, a meal of your choice of sabzis costs Rs. 60. 

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The food surely looks good and Instagram users agree. Comments like these are left on the post:
“Food looks so delicious”
“Respect for you brother”
“Location in details and prices”
“Very nice”

Isn’t this inspiring? Do you also know of such hard-working people who follow their passion for food too? Share in the comments below.

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