Viral: Chef Shares Recipe For “Improved Water 2.0”, Internet Terms It “Unaffordable”

We have often come across improved versions of many popular dishes, right? From pizza and pasta to butter chicken and cottage cheese (paneer), the 2.0 always tastes and feels better than its predecessor. But  have you ever heard about “new and improved water?” Water is one of the key elements required for human survival and civilization. It is considered to be one of the most important factors behind the existence of life on Earth.  Even the human body is made of 70 per cent of water. Health experts and nutritionists always emphasise staying properly hydrated. While water is easily available, chef Zachary Neman has shared a recipe to prepare a ‘new’ and ‘improved’ version of water at home. He likes to call it “Water 2.0.”
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Neman shared a video on Instagram where he was seen ‘preparing’ this water in a series of steps. The ingredients he uses include crushed ice, block ice, Antarctica ice for garnish and tap water. “I know there are a lot of recipes out there but this is how I like my water,” he said in the beginning and he went on to guide his followers through the steps:
Step 1: First take 1c of cold ice and use a knife to slice and crush it into smaller pieces.
Step 2: Heat a pan and pour two tablespoons of lukewarm water along with the chopped ice. Stir it evenly.
Step 3: Now throw 4c of fresh ice into the pan. Give it a mix but make sure the ice cubes are not entirely melted. Empty the water along with ice cubes in a plastic bag. 
Step 4: Take a tub (for sous vide) and fill it up with water, and place your bag of water in the tub.  Now sous vide it for 1.33 hours at 153.5 F 
Step 5: Next, take a stand mixer and empty the water bag into it. Whisk it at low speed with tap water until it achieves a watery consistency. 
Step 6: Now, strain for extra watery consistency. 
Step 7: Empty the final product in a bowl and top it off with some grated Antarctic ice. However, this is optional – you can even replace it with regular ice. 
Watch the full video below:

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Instagram users were visibly baffled by the chef and his water 2.0 recipe. The video has garnered close to 14 million views on social media.

“Bro forgot to rinse ice before cooking,” one of the users wrote. 
Another said, “Bro made drinking water look unaffordable.” 
Taking a dig at the preparation, a woman reacted, “Too much processed for me. I like organic water.” 
“I think the water is too thick, try going for a watery consistency next time,” read a comment. 
Another wrote, “Wow your recipe is faster…I used to leave it overnight. Thanks.”
There were some people who were even looking for “alternatives for water allergic/intolerant?”

So, how do you like your water? 
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