Samantha Ruth Prabhu about trolls: ‘It’s pushing a wide part of the population into depression’

Samantha Ruth Prabhu says ‘she will not let anyone’s snarky comment devalue her experience of the last eight months’

Samantha Ruth Prabhu talks about dealing with trolls, says it is pushing the world into depressiona and anxiety. 

The Family Man actress was recently diagnosed with myositis which is rare condition dealing with extreme muscle pain. Despite her medical condition, she managed to attend the promotions of her upcoming film Shaakuntalam.

Where some praised her for her strength, some did not even take time to make a comment on her.

Samantha in an interview with Indiatoday spoke up about the same, said: “I think I understand that we are in a world where cynicism has become extreme. The lack of empathy is scary,”

“It’s pushing a wide part of the population into depression and anxiety because people are not empathetic to one another because people are not kind to one another. The disease of anxiety and depression is right now going steadily up because of this, so I do understand. I think I do understand that I’m able to value myself a lot better, I’m going to be able to cut out the noise and listen to the voice in my head that says, ‘you’ve come a long way. You are strong, and you’ve gained so much experience that none of them can ever imagine,’

“So no one’s snarky comment is going to devalue my experience of the last eight months and no one is going to think my beauty might not be external right now, but it’s internal.”

“Before, I always considered myself, okay! You look really nice, but maybe I really didn’t believe that inside. But now, I do believe that I am strong and I am beautiful because of my experiences.”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s film Shaakuntalam is set to release on April 14. 

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