Restaurant Fires Waitress For Accepting Rs 3.6 Lakh Tip, Internet Helps Her Out

Dining out is no less than an experience in itself. Right from the ambience to the food, the desserts to the drinks – we savour every part of this amazing treat to the senses. Sometimes, when the experience is beyond our expectations, we tend to go over and above our usual fare and tip the restaurant staff for their good service. But, what would happen if the tip exceeded the expectations of even the staff serving them? This was exactly the report that surfaced online recently. A waitress was fired by a restaurant for accepting a huge tip of 4,400 USD or Rs 3.6 lakh rupees.
Usually, the customer’s tips go into the pockets of the staff members and also serve as an incentive to provide better experiences. However, this restaurant clearly had a problem with the huge tip. This incident happened in the ‘Oven & Tap’ restaurant in Arkansas, USA. The waitress named Ryan Brandt was serving a group of over thirty diners, and she received a huge tip of 4,400 USD or Rs. 3.6 lakh rupees to be split among her and the other server. However, the manager suggested that Brandt should keep only 20% of the tip and that the remaining should be shared equally among the restaurant staff. This was the first such instance in her three years of working with the restaurant. When she protested, she was fired from service with immediate effect.
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A restaurant told a waitress to leave after she accepted a giant tip for her service. Photo: iStock

The waitress also told local news channels that she had to pay off her student loans and had borrowed a significant amount of money for personal use as well. “I’m humbled to have been part of something so beautiful and generous. To bless someone else without previously knowing them. God bless all who contributed and the servers who received it. I pray it may be multiplied and impact their life for the better,” Brandt had narrated after receiving the tip in an Instagram post. Later, internet users united to raise funds for the waitress as an act of kindness.
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