Reddit User Slams Bengaluru Cloud Kitchen For Unhygienic Conditions

Cloud kitchens are the latest trend in the food and beverage industry. Since the advent of food delivery apps that provide foods from restaurants to the customers’ doors, many companies opened kitchens without dine-in option. The cloud kitchens only deliver food and this has proven to be a cost-effective idea. It requires less space, less labour and other overhead costs. While it seems like a viable proposition for the kitchens, the customers might be at loss as there is a lack of transparency. Since customers don’t visit the kitchens, they can’t see how the condition there really is. But someone just gave us a glimpse of one of the cloud kitchens in Bengaluru.

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A Reddit user ‘dozing_dog’ shared pictures of a cloud kitchen, which looks messy and unkempt. “I work part time in a food delivery platform. Today I couldn’t control my mind. I literally saw the guy put the momo back to the steamer after it fell on the dirtiest floor I’ve ever seen. I have no words to say,” the user wrote in the caption of the post. The post was also titled “Cloud kitchens are disgusting.”

Cloud kitchens are disgusting
by u/dozing_dog in bangalore

The post has gathered 2.1k upvotes and over 200 comments so far. These include:

“That looks like Kouzina? The guys who currently own Warm Oven, Kaati Zone, Slurpy Shakes, Sundae Everyday, Indiana Burgers, Dessert Zone, Cupcake Bliss, Biryani Zone, Momo Zone and Burger Up.”

“Thank God I don’t order from any of these.”

“Ordered momos from momo zone once, it smelled so rotten we didn’t even finish 1.”
“What makes you think restaurant kitchens are any different? If you care about hygiene, you wouldn’t eat at most restaurants. Source: Have worked in restaurants.”

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Meanwhile, a report in Indian Express quoted Mahesh Madiyala, founder and chief operating officer of Kouzina Food Tech, “We operate cloud kitchens all over India and in Bengaluru we have 16 branches. This photo is from our cloud kitchen located in Electronic City. However, the photos seem to be manipulated to show us in poor light. This seems to be the handiwork of a former employee, a hotel management graduate, who seems well versed with Reddit.”

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