Prince Harry blasted for his ‘utterly ridiculous’ privacy battle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘don’t really want privacy’ they just ‘want to be in control’ of what’s written about them, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duke has faced fresh backlash from royal commentators over his move about privacy as he joined Singer Elton John at the UK High Court for a hearing into the case against Associated Newspapers.

Taking a brutal dig at King Charles younger son, Tom Slater says the idea that Harry is the “poster boy for privacy” is “utterly ridiculous” because after reading his memoir Spare “I feel like I know his anatomy better than I know my own.”

“Prince Harry is waging a crusade against the British press not just for alleged criminal actions – but just for disagreeing with him,” the Spiked Online editor told Sky News Australia Host Andrew Bolt.

Slater added: “For criticising him when him and Meghan Markle when they first got together, arguing that the comment pieces being written about Meghan had racist undertones.”

The commentator continued: “Slater scoffed at the Duke now being called the “poster boy for privacy” when after reading Spare he feels that “I know his anatomy better than I know my own.”

He went on saying: “The idea that Prince Harry is the ‘poster boy for privacy’ is utterly ridiculous and not least because as you say that he’s been pretty credible accused of invading the privacy of his own family in his Netlfix documentary and Spare. I think he’s been guilty of invading his own privacy as well. After having poured through his book I feel I know far too much about this man myself. I feel like I know his anatomy better than I know my own.”

Slamming Harry’s move, the expert claimed: “They don’t really want privacy, they want to be in the newspapers all the time.”

“They just want to be in control of what is said about them and that’s been a thread throughout all of this pantomime that has been the Harry and Meghan show.”

King Charles III’s younger son Harry is in London for the four-day preliminary hearing into his joint privacy claim against Associated Newspapers. The publisher who owns the Daily Mail is being sued over alleged phone tapping and other breaches of privacy by Harry and others.

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