Prices of Atlas Honda bikes jacked for fourth time in 2023

An undated image of Atlas Honda’s 125cc model bike. — Twitter/@honda2wheelerin

For the fourth time in 2023, Pakistan’s biggest player in the two-wheeler segment in terms of market share — Atlas Honda — has hiked prices of motorcycles by up to Rs5,000-15,000.

The new rates will be applicable from May 1 onwards, according to a notification sent by the company to its dealers.

Following the revision, CD70 will now be sold for Rs154,900 after an increase of Rs5,000. The price of CD70 Dream has been jacked up by Rs5,000 to Rs165,900.

Following a hike of Rs10,000, the CG125 S will now book for Rs275,900. The rate of CB125F has been revised from 365,900 to Rs380,900.

The CB150F will now be sold for Rs473,900 after an increase of Rs15,000. The CB150F (Silver) saw a price hike of Rs15,000 and it is now available at Rs447,900.


Retail price 
(exclusive of sales tax)

Sales tax — 18%

Retail price 
(inclusive of sales tax)

CD70 (Red, Black) Rs131,271.19 Rs23,628.81 Rs154,900
CD70 DREAM Rs140,593.22 Rs25,306.78 Rs165,900
PRIDOR (Red, Black, Blue) Rs172,796.61 Rs31,103.39 Rs203,900
CG125 (Red, Black) Rs194,830.51 Rs35,069.49 Rs229,900
CG125S (Red, Black) Rs233,813.56 Rs42,086.44 Rs275,900
CB125F (Red, Black, Blue) Rs322,796.61 Rs58,103.39 Rs380,900
CB150F (Red, Black) Rs401,610.17 Rs72,289.83 Rs473,900
CB150F (Silver) Rs405,000.00 Rs72,900.00 Rs477,900

Last month, Atlas Honda jacked up prices of bikes in the range of Rs7,000-25,000. Earlier in January, the company increased motorcycle prices by Rs7,400-30,000.

According to the data compiled by Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers Chairman Sabir Shaikh, the company has raised the prices of its model by up to Rs303,900 in more than five years — i.e. since December 2017.

Data compiled by Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers.
Data compiled by Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers.

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