Preity Zinta Shows Us Her Pahadi Kitchen, Cooks On ‘Old-School’ Chulha

Preity Zinta is indeed a true foodie. Why? Because she not only indulges in delicious spreads but also loves to cook. The actress routinely treats her fans to some wholesome content from her kitchen. From relishing a plate of chole bhature to enjoying classic Delhi street snacks, there is nothing that Preity Zinta misses out on. And how can we forget her famous “ghar ki kheti” sessions on Instagram where she shows her home-grown fruits and vegetables including pink apples, bananas, strawberries, and oranges. Now, Preity Zinta has again come up with a fascinating post and of course, it is related to food. But this time, the actress, who is from Himachal Pradesh, has recalled her roots and traditions.

Preity Zinta shared a post on Instagram where she is seen sitting in a traditional “pahadi” kitchen and lighting up a chulha or clay stove. We can also see her donning a pahadi outfit which includes a headscarf and sweater.

“Reliving old memories and making new ones. All the action revolves around the kitchen in pahari homes. Here I’m trying to light the fire & bring the rarely used old school chulha to life,” the caption read.

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This is not the first time Preity Zinta has shown how proud she is to be a Himachali. Earlier, in one of her “ghar ki kheti” videos, she introduced us to her Pink Lady Apple tree. “I know it has been three years but I am super excited because finally, I have a fruit. Two little apples,” the actress said, adding that she did a lot of hard work to grow the apples. She also wrote that the tree was special for her as it reminded her of her home. And we were truly delighted when she said, “You can take a girl out of Himachal, but you cannot take Himachal out of the girl.”

What did you think of Preity Zinta and her Himachal food diaries? Tell us in the comments.

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