“People Actually Eat This?” Mango Omelette Recipe Is Breaking The Internet

Imagine relishing an omelette with mangoes. Finding it hard to digest? Well, you’re not alone. The name of this deadly combination is enough to make all feel sick. Now, what if we tell you that there is actually a dish called mango omelette? Dear readers, it’s time to check out the latest bizarre food trend on the block. In the video, the street vendor, first, prepares sunny-side-up fried eggs in a pool of oil. Next, he takes two egg yolks, adds chillies and onions to the tawa and starts mashing them. The work-in-progress dish looks fine until he adds a bottle of maaza to it, and cooks it for another few minutes. Here comes the egg whites. The person adds another bottle of maaza to it along with salt and other spices. He then tops the fried eggs with the yolk and egg white mixtures. Before serving, the person adds a generous amount of cheese, as if the maaza twist wasn’t enough. 

The dish has shocked everyone, including us. Foodies were finding it hard to believe that people actually eat this.  Oh, and, a few could hear “mango crying in the corner”.

The bizarre food recipe has managed to clock more than 833k views on Instagram. Take a look:

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Expressing his concern, a person wrote, “I feel there needs to be a proper check over the food vendors serving kinds of food. As certain diet combinations could be disastrous for health. Maaza and omelette seriously.” 

Sharing a similar thought, another mentioned, “It’s time to implement food safety classes from school level. We need to support small businesses but not at the cost of our lives.”

A user added, “People actually eat this? Very concerning.”

Some wanted to focus on the “amount of oil” used by this person.

A user, in support of the food vendor, said, “First of all there is no mango. Maaza has probably 2% mango. Rest is water and sugar. He just adds flavour.”

A few wanted to know the reason behind preparing such a dish. 

Do you think this is the most bizarre food trend we have seen to date? Tell us in the comments.

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