Noah Cyrus denies dating stepfather Dominic Purcell following fabricating romance accusations

Noah Cyrus faces accusations of falsely portraying stepfather relationship amidst family feud.

Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah, allegations have surfaced regarding her purported relationship with her mother Tish’s husband, Dominic Purcell. 

Reports initially claimed that her mother had allegedly initiated a romantic involvement with the Prison Break actor, while Noah, was allegedly romantically involved with him. 

However, insiders close to the Cyrus family have refuted these claims, asserting that Noah and Dominic were never romantically involved. 

According to sources, it would be inaccurate for Noah to believe otherwise, with one insider describing her attempts to portray herself as a victim as delusional.

These revelations shed new light on the ongoing familial discord within the Cyrus household.

According to DailyMail, Noah’s absence from the wedding was not voluntary but rather due to Tish’s decision not to extend an invitation, purportedly to avoid any potential disruptions. 

The source claimed that her exclusion from the wedding has exacerbated existing tensions, amidst allegations that Tish pursued a relationship with Dominic despite Noah’s alleged involvement with him.

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