Neena Gupta Is Gushing Over Her Sumptuous Lunch

An authentic desi meal is unbeatable. Whether you talk about dal, flatbreads, rice, a variety of curries or other accompaniments on the side like chutneys, pickles and chaas, everything is extremely tasty. By the way, when did you devour a sumptuous thali the last time? Well, we don’t know about you but Neena Gupta surely gorged on a super delectable Indian meal. It looked appetising to the core. She shared a video on her Instagram Stories taking us on a virtual tour of her thali. 

Right in the centre was a phulka surrounded by various bowls filled with curries and dal. There was paneer, aloo curry, green peas curry, and a scrumptious dal. We could also spot some yummy aam rass in a bowl. Don’t miss the green chutney on the side. For salad? A mixture of finely chopped onions and what appeared to be pieces of raw mango. But, wait, there was an empty bowl as well. In the background, one could hear Neena Gupta saying, “This is called lunch. This is called food. This is what I love!” She added, “Ek katori nahi li, laalach nahi kiya (I have not taken anything in a bowl and left it empty without being greedy for food) you know what I am trying to say.”   

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Now that you are slurping, how about recreating a platter like Neena Gupta at home? If you need recipes for the same, we have made a list below. These five recipes can be a part of your homely meal.

1. Shahi paneer

Paneer is heaven for vegetarians. Shahi paneer encapsulates a classic blend of spices put into a tomato gravy. Cottage cheese chunks dunked in this gravy spell indulgence. You can always team it with roti or rice. Recipe here.

2. Aloo Rasedaar

This humble vegetable is a staple in every household. This is the easiest curry that you can prepare at home with minimal ingredients available on your kitchen rack. Our tip: relish it with deep-fried puffed-up puris. Find the recipe here.

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3) Sabut Matar Ki Sabzi  

Green peas are loaded with nutrition and you must include them in your diet. Sabut matar ki sabzi is prepared with asafoetida, cumin seeds, mango powder and whole red chilies. It’s easy to cook, filling and delicious. Click here for the recipe.  

4) Aam Rass

This is essential in the summer season. Otherwise, how else will you enjoy mangoes if not through aam rass! Just in case, if you don’t know how to make aam rass, we have the recipe here.

5. Green Cutney

This pudhine ki chutney goes well with starters including pakodas. It can be quickly made with mint leaves, cumin seeds, onions and yoghurt. So, next time when you make bhajiyas, don’t forget to rustle this as well. Recipe inside.

Do you feel inspired to prepare a good thali at home now?

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