Malaika Arora is ready to take another step in her relationship

Malaika Arora claims she is ready to take another step in her relationship

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor have made their relationship public ages ago. The couple often make appearances at events and even practice public display of affection. Malaika recently opened up about the dynamics of her relationship and revealed she is ready to take the next step.

In an interview with Brides Today, Malaika talked about it briefly. She said, “Of course, I have thought about it. People think that I might be cynical about getting married again, but that’s far from true. I believe in the institution, I believe in love and companionship…all of it. I can’t answer when I will get married again, because I believe in leaving some aspects of one’s life as a surprise and not planning too much. Planning things constantly sucks the joy out of life.”

She further added, “I think he is insanely wise for his age, and that he has a very deep and strong soul. He is someone who’s very liberated and extremely caring. I don’t think they make men like that anymore. I could go on and on, but I admire these qualities the most. I feel like I am in my prime right now, and I want to work like this for the next 30 years. I don’t want to take a backseat; I want to explore so many businesses, I want to travel, and I would love to set up a home with Arjun and take our relationship to the next level because I think we both are ready for it.”

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