Live updates: Donald Trump indictment news

Special counsel prosecutors have secured evidence including daily notes, texts, emails and photographs and are focused on cataloging how Donald Trump handled classified records around the Mar-a-Lago resort and those who may have witnessed the former president with them, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation.

The new details come amid signs the Justice Department is taking steps that are typically near the end of an investigation.

The recent investigative activity before a federal grand jury in Washington, DC, also includes subpoenaing witnesses in March and April who had previously spoken to investigators, the sources said. While the FBI interviewed many aides and workers at Mar-a-Lago nearly a year ago voluntarily, grand jury appearances are transcribed and under oath — an indication the prosecutors are locking in witness testimony.

The focus of both the mishandling of records and obstruction of justice probes has remained on the actions of the former president, the sources say. That includes prosecutors pursuing evidence of Trump’s intent to keep classified records after he left the White House, plus his knowledge that the records remained in his possession after the Justice Department demanded their return last May.

Witnesses are being questioned about what they saw in Trump’s private residential and work areas within the club, some of the sources said.

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