Kumar Sanu does NOT prefer listening to latest Hindi music: Here’s why?

Kumar Sanu says ‘there is a lot of interference today during the making of songs’ 

Kumar Sanu makes a huge comment regarding the kind of music being made in the film industry, also reveals that he does not prefer listening to them. 

Recently at an interview, Kumar was asked the kind of music he loves to listen. However, while he was responding to this question, he also revealed the songs he does not like listening to.

He added: “I listen to old Lata ji songs, Kishore Kumar, Rafi songs. I avoid listening to my songs, as I told you. I listen to some English songs as well, but today’s Hindi music, no. They are not even worth listening, so I neither listen, nor do I know much about it.”

Ye Bandhan To singer shared what exactly happened in so many years that the music style has drastically changed today.

Sanu remarked: “Now, there is interference from everyone — be it the actor, producer, financer or the director. They tell the music composer, ‘You just make the song, rest we will do.’ But this wasn’t the case earlier. Which is why we would never correspond with the actor, there would be no discussion with them on how to sing it.”

As per News18, the singer concluded his viewpoint by saying: “If Nadeem-Shravan is making music, it will be good, if Kumar Sanu is singing, he will do a good job. That confidence isn’t there anymore. One song is sung by 8-10 singers today, which version will be retained, which one is good even they don’t know. It is very difficult to identify yourself as a singer in this situation.”

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