Kolkata Food Trail: 7 Places You Must Visit To Experience The City’s Food Palate

Kolkata is a land of rich history, heritage and culture. From being the capital of British India to becoming one of the most popular food destinations in the world, the city has seen a lot over centuries. Today, it has made it to the 2023 list of 11 best global food destinations, according to Eater’s website. And we agree to it totally! Puchka, ghugni, jhalmuri, mishti doi, kathi roll, alur chop and more – the city has a lot to offer to satisfy the foodie in you. In fact, if you explore, you will find a new variety of food in every nook and corner of the city. This often confuses a tourist who is planning a food trail in the town. Fret not, as always, we are here to your rescue. We curated a list of some must-visit places, where you can experience Kolkata’s food culture to its full glory. Read on.


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Here’re 7 Must-Visit Places To Experience Kolkata’s Food Culture:

Decker’s Lane:

Situated in the heart of Kolkata’s ‘office para’ (office area), this place caters to thousands of office goers on a daily basis. From chai and bread toast to road-side chowmein, egg roll, stew-bread and more, you get a variety of street foods at one single location. The best part is, you still get these foods in price that is not too heavy for your pocket.

How to reach: Get down at Esplanade metro station, cross the street and reach K.C. Das Sweets at Chowrangee more. From there, walk straight for about 200 metres and you get to see the signboard just at the beginning of the lane.

Fairlie Place, Stock Exchange Road:

Another food hub at office area of Kolkata is Fairlie Place. Located at the heart of the city, this place is located near the Stock Exchange Road. From simple cheela and dal pakori to luchi-alu`r dom and fish and rice, you get it all here within budget. This place caters thousands of office goers on a daily basis.

How to reach: The best way to reach Fairlie place is by getting down at Chandni Chowk metro station. Get down at the metro station and take a bus to Fairlie Place. You can also take a launch and get down at Babu Ghat and walk towards Strand Road.

Zakaria Street:

Looking for kebabs and nihari in Kolkata? Zakaria Street is the place for you. Situated just beside the historical Nakhoda Masjid of Kolkata, this place offers the most authentic Mughlai flavours you can think of. Explore the bylanes and try kebabs, nihari, biryani, halim, sheermal, rabdi and more.

How to reach: This place is nestled between Barabazar and Chitpur. Get down at Central metro station or MG road metro station and walk for 10 minutes to reach Nakhoda Masjid. And that’s where the street starts.


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Terretti Bazar:

Have you ever heard of Kolkata’s 5am breakfast market? If no, then you must visit Terreti Bazar – Kolkata’s own mini-Chinatown. As its name suggests, this place serves some good Chinese food and opens early in the morning. The most popular item served in this breakfast market are steamed momo, handmade sausages, stuffed buns, pork rolls, wantons and more.

How to reach: This place is located between Central and Lal Bazar. Get down at Central metro station, take the Poddar Court exit and it is just a five-minute walk from there.

Tangra China Town:

Home to Chinese immigrants, Tangra is considered the birth place of Indo-Chinese cuisine. You will find multiple big and small restaurants at every nook and corner (of this place), offering the tastiest of noodles and chilli chicken to satisfy your soul. If you are a fan of desi Chinese, then one such eatery in Tangra is a must try.

How to reach: Get down at Esplanade metro station and take a cab to Tangra. The approximate driving distance between Tangra and Esplanade Metro Station is five kilometers.


One of the oldest food hubs in Kolkata, Shyambazar is located in North Kolkata. This place is always busy and offers a pool of delicious foods to try. From mango shake available at the metro station to chaat available at Hatibagan more, you will find some yummy street roads across the area. And yes, do not forget to have the phuckas available at the bylanes.

How to reach: Just get down at Shyambazar metro station and you are just there for a foodie exploration.

Park Street:

How can we miss Park Street, the most popular area in Kolkata to enjoy the essence of Kolkata to the fullest. From the popular kathi rolls available on the street side stalls to the iconic restaurants like Trincas, Flurys, Mocambo, Peter Cat and more, you will get it all situated on both the sides of Park Street main road. Start with English breakfast at Flurys, then have chelo kebab for lunch at Peter Cat and end the day at Trincas or Mocambo with chicken a-la-kiev, devilled crab and some refreshing drinks.

How to reach: Get down at Park Street metro station and explore.

Keep this guide handy and plan a food trail on your next trip to Kolkata.

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