Kirti Kulhari Shares Snippets Of Her Gastronomic Adventures In Karnataka

Kirti Kulhari is currently in Karnataka and making the most of her vacation with mouth-watering food. If you follow her on Instagram, then you would know that she is a hard-core foodie and doesn’t miss a chance to keep her fans updated with her gastronomic adventures. The actress is a fan of simple home-cooked desi food and often shares glimpses of her food diaries with us on social media. And it seems like she is following this ritual in Karnataka as well. Kirti has been gorging on a variety of local delicacies and making us crave the same with pictures and videos. Let us take you through it all.

First, Kirti shared a video in which she can be seen relishing watermelon. We could also spot a platter of watermelon slices kept by her side. It seems like she had a great time. The video has certainly given us major health goals. For the text, Kirti simply added the hashtag “Happy mornings.” She also tagged the location as Kanakamajalu.   

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Now, here comes her sumptuous South Indian binge. Kirti’s platter was brimming with pundi – a popular Mangalorean snack that features white rice dumplings steamed to perfection. The treat is served along with flavourful sambar and appetising coconut chutney. The actress wrote, “Pundi time.” Take a look:


Next, she dropped an image of betel nuts right from the farm. “Maine aaj bohot supari li hai,” Kirti added with a humorous twist. Take a look:


Kirti Kulhari was also spotted relishing pipe-shaped fryums. Do you remember how we used to do the same as kids? Kirti cheekily wrote, “Ye haath humka de de thakur!”


Kirti Kulhari also gave us a sneak peek into her South Indian lunch from Kanakamajalu. It was a wholesome Mangalorean meal served on a traditional banana leaf. There was rice and delicious Karnataka-style sambar poured over it. Alongside, we could also spot neer dosa – a popular delicacy in the state. We could also spot a portion of some seafood. Don’t miss the salt and lemon wedge served on the side. The platter also had a blob of what seems to be chutney. “#Goodfood is the secret to my #happiness. Thank you Ravi and Ravi ki mummy,” read the text in the story.


We have to admit that homecooked food is close to Kirti Kulhari’s heart. Once, we saw her gushing over “desi naashta.” Her mouth-watering breakfast platter came with roti topped with makkhan, a dry bitter gourd curry, pickle and sliced onion. There was a bowl filled with a preparation of curd. Read about it here.

Just like most of us, Kirti Kulhari is obsessed with Indian cuisine. Wherever she travels, the actress makes sure she tries the local food of that place. Once, she shared a picture of her village-style breakfast and it was too tempting. There was paratha topped with butter, a dry aloo and gobi ki sabzi. We could also see some saag and a glass of what appeared to be milk. Read here.

What do you think of Kirti Kulhari’s foodie diaries? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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