Katy Perry reacts to trolls mocking singer over coronation video

Katy Perry, who attended King Charles III’s coronation ceremony, was mocked by social media users after her ‘seat search’ video from Westminster Abbey went viral on Saturday.

In the video, the pop superstar can be seen asking fellow guests: “Is that seat free?” while craning her head to look around the chapel.

Social media users were quick to poke fun at the singer for her apparent confusion, with one quipping that she “can’t see over her bloody hat.”

The Roar singer, found herself the subject of social media ridicule, appeared to show zero tolerance policy for the trolls as she did not take the jibes lying down and responded with a sassy tweet of her own, saying: “don’t worry guys i found my seat.”

The singer will be headlining the coronation ceremony at Windsor Castle alongside Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, and a British musical trio.

Katy Perry reacts to trolls mocking singer over coronation video

The singer faced another troublesome situation as she stumbled while waving her arms and nearly fell over out side Westminster Abbey after the crowning ceremony, needing the assistance of a nearby person to steady herself. However, despite the slip-up, Katy Perry is all fit to wow fans at the gig.

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