Gigi Hadid Had A Foodie Fun On An All-Girls Trip To Cayman Island

Gigi Hadid was on an exotic vacation to Cayman Island. The Hollywood supermodel’s ‘all girls’ trip was loaded with generous Vitamin D, stylish swimwear and lots of delectable food. Gigi has just dropped her Cayman Island photo dump, and we can’t wait to pack our bags and jet off to a beach vacation. Wondering what was on the menu? Of course, seafood. Therefore, abiding by that rule, Gigi and her company were seen slurping some fresh oysters. The picture showed a massive plate filled with ice cubes, atop which open oysters were kept. It was served with lemon slices, green dip and some onion dip. Fried prawns were also on her seafood menu, they ate it along with a dip. This is not all. They also relished pepperoni pizza with basil leaves, kept next to a bowl full of chips and fryums.

We have pulled together a few recipes so that you can relish similar delicious food but with a twist.

1. Seafood Platter

This is just the right recipe to please any seafood lover. It includes oysters, steamed prawns and mussels. To add a flavour it is served with red chilli and green chilli dipping sauce. Take a look at the recipe here.

2. Oil-Free Fryums

Consider it a cheat meal. But fryums have to be the easiest and tastiest munchies. If you are worried about the amount of oil it contains, we bring you a recipe of oil-free fryums that is as tasty and crunchy, as the classic oil-fried fryums. Your recipe is here.

3. Pepperoni Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? But it is hard to find authentic pepperoni pizza. We bring you a recipe to solve your dilemma right here right now. In just 30 minutes, you can have restaurant-style pizza in the comfort of your home. Recipe here.

4. Chicken Pizza

Chicken pizza is every foodie’s love language. Therefore, this recipe will satisfy your cheese cravings instantly. All you need to do is to give 40 minutes to it. Click here for the recipe.

5. Paneer Makhani Pizza

For all our vegetarian friends, we bring you paneer makhani pizza, which in reality is a bomb of flavours. It is an amazing amalgamation of Punjabi makhani flavour and Italian food. Check out the recipe here.

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