Gigi Hadid gushes over Taylor Swift’s cooking skills: ‘exceptional cook’

Gigi Hadid gushes over Taylor Swift’s cooking skills: ‘exceptional cook’

Gigi Hadid gushed over gal pal Taylor Swift’s cooking skills while revealing her love for the food that friends cook for the model.

In an interview with InStyle on Tuesday, Hadid mentioned her favorite dishes that the model’s Grammy-winning pal makes.

“Taylor Swift is an exceptional cook, and I love her,” she told the outlet. “She also makes a really good Bolognese sauce and a really good chili that I love.”

Swift, who recently broke up with Joe Alwyn after six years of dating, previously shared a passion for Bolognese sauce with her other ex Tom Hiddleston. 

In 2017, the actor told GQ that he makes what has been described as “the most incredible Bolognese you’ve ever had.”

Hadid also opened up to InStyle about how she feels special when close friends who cook for her.

“When you have friends that really also care about those special moments and the more intimate spaces and what can really come from putting an effort into making the time for that, I think that that’s when you start to find the friends that you really connect with, because you’re both working towards manifesting those really special moments,” Hadid added.

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