For Mira Kapoor, “Sundays Are For Rajma Chawal To Be Eaten By Hands”

There’s a reason why eating with your hands is a part of Indian culture. According to the principles of Ayurveda, the process of eating with hands using the fingers has a deeper meaning. It promotes mindful eating. Mira Kapoor is a firm believer of this. She marked her weekend with a wonderful desi meal. Oh, yes, she has shared a picture of her desi platter. Do you know what it contains? Our favourite rajma chawal! The epic food combo looked delectable. Along with the rice and curry, there was some dry aloo dish made with homely spices. A slice of onion was also served to her on the platter. Her caption explains it all. “Sundays are for Rajma Chawal to be eaten sirf haath se (Sundays are for eating rajma chawal only with hands)”

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Mira Kapoor has a soft corner for desi homecooked delicacies. Once, she gave us a sneak peek of her yummy breakfast but there was a twist. Mira’s Instagram Stories just featured an empty plate which means she had already devoured the meal. She left her fans guessing what was there on the platter. Then, revealing the dish, she also added, “Nothing ’cause I ate it all. Vermicelli upma. Fav.”  

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Mira Kapoor’s love for Indian food is quite evident on her social media. More often than not, her weekend diaries feature scrumptious home-cooked meals. She dropped a picture showing us a glimpse of her platter. There was sarso ka saag, paneer gravy, dal makhni, and a sabzi as well that appeared to be aloo gobhi. Alongside, there was a bowl of onion and tomato raita. We could also spot a one-fourth portion of paratha on her plate. Mira served the meal on a beautiful kansa plate that gave an earthy touch to her experience.

Mira Kapoor doesn’t mind exploring various local traditional cuisines even when she is travelling. When she went to Goa, her food diaries showed a mouth-watering authentic Konkani thali. Well, Mira had shared a carousel post that included a picture of this thali. What all dishes were there? We could see fluffy deep-fried puris, a bowl of a rich flavourful curry and some deep-fried besan fritters. There was some pickle as well as green chutney to enhance the taste of the meal. Interesting, isn’t it? The thali looked so wholesome that we just wanted to go and enjoy a similar meal.

Mira Kapoor’s culinary adventures are relatable. Don’t you think?

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