‘Enraged’ Prince William’s managed to lose the ‘brother he knew forever’

Prince William has reportedly become ‘very enraged’ with Prince Harry’s admissions because it feels like he’s “lost the brother he knew forever.”

These admissions have been brought to light by an inside source close to People magazine.

They believe Prince William has taken Prince Harry’s accusations personally and is still reeling with the aftereffects of the whiplash.

Per the insider, Prince William also feels personally attacked in the Spare memoir since “[he] has been painted as a hothead and unsympathetic.”

Thus, there is a chance at ‘silent retaliation, per the insider who warns, “I don’t think he will back down – it’s whether they can move beyond it and accept that they view things differently.”

This follows a similar admission by royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam’s who told Fox News Digital prior, “It was reported that William was enraged by behavior that indicated the Sussexes had become totally untrustworthy.”

Anything said to them might find its way into the media. [It’s my understanding] he was skeptical of the benefits of inviting them [to the coronation].”

“King Charles was extremely concerned, especially by the attacks on [his wife] Camilla [in] Spare. However, reports indicated that he intended to press ahead with inviting them to the coronation, though invitations have yet to be sent out. Harry indicated when promoting ‘Spare’ that whether they attended the coronation was an issue yet to be settled. The Sussexes want to talk to the royal family and get some form of recognition of what they believe they suffered.”

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