Did You Know Sugar Cravings Can Be Controlled With Salt? Celeb Nutritionist Reveals

Who does not love a good sweet treat? But if you are constantly craving something sweet, it is time to stop and think about it. Excessive sweet cravings occur due to imbalances in blood sugar levels, insufficient protein in your diet, or if you have some psychological stress and other medical conditions. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently posted a video on Instagram talking about sugar cravings and their connection with salt consumption. In the caption, Pooja stated, “As simple or silly as it may sound, IT WORKS!!! Uncontrolled sugar cravings can be quenched with salt. It’s a physiologically tested and studied response.”

In the video, the nutritionist states, “You can’t control your sugar cravings? Or do you think that the chocolates are calling out your name? Stop scrolling, this video is for you.”

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The more sugar you eat, the more you’ll crave. Photo: iStock

She explained that the more sugar we eat, the more sugar we crave. This is because sugar stimulates the dopamine centers in our brains which are addictive. But, she asks, did you know that if you eat less salt, you are going to crave more sugar? That’s right.

Pooja states that salt is extremely important for the body’s survival. “But when we eat lesser salt, the addictive pathways in our brain become more activated therefore, we are more likely to eat more sugar or any other substance,” she adds.

Pooja further explains, “Salt is crucial for the body but less salt causes a condition known as ‘internal starvation’. The body starts feeling that sodium needs to be preserved. So, it tells your kidneys that you need more sodium so it’s going to secrete more insulin so that your kidneys can reabsorb the sodium from your blood.” More insulin, as we all know, is going to drop sugar levels and therefore, makes you crave more sugar, she said.

Take a look at the full video here:

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Therefore, the nutritionist suggests that the next time you guys are craving too much sugar, try some salt instead.

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