Chaat Masala To Brush Your Teeth? Woman Receives MDH Masala Instead Of Oral B Electric Toothbrush

It seems that every alternate day we hear stories of people being scammed by online retailers. People place orders for expensive items online, only to discover that the delivered goods are something else entirely. Their experiences range from normal to bizarre. Some incidents have even become moral lessons in themselves, used by members of the older generation as a warning against shopping online. Perhaps you may recall the time when a Flipkart user infamously received a bar of soap in place of an iPhone. Social media platforms are full of “What you ordered vs What you got” memes. While some of these incidents may be due to logistical issues or mistaken assumptions, others seem to suggest that there are fraudsters freely operating on some of the biggest retail online sites.  

In the latest instance, a Twitter user (@badassflowerbby) took to the platform to raise a complaint that has since gone viral. Apparently, her mother had ordered an expensive Oral B Electric Toothbrush worth Rs. 12000. However, when the order was delivered, she was shocked to discover that the package only contained 4 boxes of MDH Chaat Masala. She added a screenshot of the review page which showed similar past complaints by other buyers about the same seller. She explained that her mother had found the package “suspiciously light.” Hence, she decided to open it before making the payment. The woman pointed out that other people who had not opted for COD would not have been as lucky. She tagged Amazon and asked them to take immediate action against this seller. 

The tweet has received 36.9K views so far. In the comments, other users spoke up about having suffered similar problems in the past.  

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