Can You Eat Rice On Weight Loss Diet? Important Points To Know

In many parts of the country, rice is a staple and is eaten every day without fail. This basic food is an indispensable part of our diet, but when our diet converts into a weight loss-diet, we have to bid adieu to it. Although a popular food item, rice is often looked down upon as an unhealthy item, and off it goes from our plate the moment we decide to lose weight. But is it really necessary? Is white rice that bad for your diet? Get all the answers here. Heads up – you’re in for a surprise!

Does White Rice Increase Weight?

If you ask dietitian Sheenam K Malhotra, she will say ‘no’. In one of her Instagram posts, she made the big revelation that rice is not that bad as it is said to be. And if you know the right way to eat white rice, it can do you no harm.

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Rice pairs well with curries.

Is White Rice Good To Lose Weight?

This is somewhat tricky. Rice can be both good and bad when it comes to weight loss. Since, rice is high in carbs, it can lead to weight gain. But it’s also easier to digest and can be combined with different foods to make a healthy meal, which can actually work for weight loss. Rice is also enriched with B vitamins, which offer various health benefits to us.

How To Eat Rice On Weight Loss Diet: Tips To Follow:

1. Portion Control: How Much Rice Should You Eat A Day To Lose Weight:

The best way to maintain your weight in a healthy range while eating rice is to exercise portion control. It is best to limit your consumption of rice to 1 cup of cooked rice per day, suggests dietitian Sheenam K Malhotra.

2. Cooking Method:

The best way to cook rice is by boiling or steaming it instead of frying or cooking it in oil or fat. It is the high starch content that gives the white rice its bad reputation. You can remove starch by boiling the rice in good amount of water till cooked and then strain it to wash away the starch.

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3. Aim For Balanced Nutrition:

If you create a balanced meal with rice, it can make for a weight loss-friendly dish. Put half portion rice, one portion vegetable and one portion dal in your plate to make the perfect meal.

4. Pair It With Right Foods:

“You should pair rice with high-fibre vegetables or protein sources such as legumes, pulses, chicken or turkey. This will ensure that you stay full for longer after eating rice, and do not overeat or snack unnecessarily,” says Sheenam K Malthotra.

5. Pick The Right Time:

If your goal is to lose weight, studies suggest that lunch is the best time to eat rice. But you can also have it for dinner, just make sure to limit the portion. Have more vegetables than rice.

If you love rice as much as we do, you can keep enjoying it even on your weight loss diet.

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