Barley Is Back: Why You Should Drink Barley Water And How To Make It

Be it fashion or food, we keep revisiting olden times for inspiration. If you didn’t notice, ancient foods, especially grains are making a comeback with a bang. The good old foods that our ancestors grew up eating and our grandparents swear by, are seeing the light of day again. Courtesy health experts, who realised how these grains are the best for our diet. And these include barley, called ‘jau’ in Hindi. Barley is considered a great substitute for refined grains like white rice and maida, but we found the best way to consume it to draw out the most benefits from it – barley water. 

You may have tried all those herbal water, fruits-infused water and spiced water. This drink will bring something new to your palate while giving various health benefits to your body. You can use hulled barley or pearl barley to make various dishes with it, but if you are confused about how to start consuming it, this barley water is the best option. 

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Is It Ok To Drink Barley Water Daily? 

Too much of anything is bad for you. You can drink this barley water once or twice a week, or consume it daily for a few days while dealing with a urinary tract infection. It’s best to consult your doctor to check if you can have it every day. 

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What Is Barley Water Good For? Here’re Barley Health Benefits: 

1. Barley For Digestion 

Barley is rich in fibre and other nutrients that facilitate smooth digestion. The book ‘Barley for Food and Health: Science, Technology, and Products’ by Rosemary K. Newman and C. Walter Newman claims, “Barley water has been for many years as a home remedy for gastroenteritis and heat exhaustion and other stomach-related issues.” 

2. Barley For Weight Loss 

Barley is rich in soluble fibres like beta-glucan, which digest foods fast and is, therefore, a good propeller of weight loss. Also, when you soak barley in water and strain it, it lowers the calorie content of the grain. That’s why, barley water is a good addition to a weight-loss diet.  

3. Barley for Diabetes 

Dietitian Ritu Arora shares another reason to consume barley water, “Water infused with barley is known to regulate blood sugar levels because of its low glycaemic index properties, making it ideal for diabetics. 

4. Barley For Detox 

Barley water, too, is a terrific detox drink. Dietitian Ritu Arora adds, “barley water works its way to cleanse the gut and flush out toxins from the intestines, maintaining overall health.”  Drinking this water can help give you good skin and hair too. 

5. Relieves Urinary Tract Infections: 

Barley water is diuretic in nature, which cleanses the urinary tract, curbing the infection. One can drink this water every day to manage urinary tract infection (UTI) till it is gone. 

What Is The Best Way To Drink Barley Water? Here’s Barley Water Recipe: 

Boil two glasses of water with 1 tbsp of barley. Add salt to taste and boil for around half an hour. Strain and drink. You can flavour it with lemon water, honey and spices like cardamom and fennel. 

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