Anshula Kapoor Went All Desi For Her Meals Of The Day

Among all the South Asian food options, the one that is closest to our Indian tastes is perhaps Thai cuisine. The unique mixture of sweet, spicy, and sour – which is the core of a number of Indian dishes – is a Thai specialty. While the world would be gushing over the delicious Pad Thai noodles, for us it is the healthy Thai-style raw papaya salad that seals the deal. Looks like we are not alone. Anshula Kapoor also shares a similar love for papaya salad. But she went ahead to make a desi version of it for her meal. How do we know? Her confession is right there on Instagram Stories. Posting a snap of the salad, Anshula writes, “Desi style raw papaya salad on the go.” 

Thai papaya salad is a flavourful dish that is easy to make, low in calories, and very nutritious. Also known as “som tam”, the salad has a crispy texture that combines with the spice of green chilies, the sweetness of honey, and the sourness of the lemon juice. In case you want to try this classic salad recipe at home, click here.

Anshula Kapoor documented all her meals from the day. Her dinner featured the classic dal chawal and paneer butter masala. “IDK why I’ve documented almost all my meals here today, but there you have it. Dinner was (heart eye emojis),” Anshula captioned the post. 


In a previous upload, she revealed her unspoken love for a popular North Indian staple. Any guesses? It was a bowl of humble bhindi. She shared a snap of her plate, featuring okra with some delicious-looking curry. Alongside, Anshula wrote, “Can you also have bhindi every day, or is it just me?” She also added a poll to gauge her fans’ love for bhindi. While the title of the poll read, “Bhindi is bae,” the two options were: “bhindi lovers unite” and “nah…not into it.” Read about it here.

Anshula Kapoor’s foodie spree looked every bit delicious and desi.

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