Alex Murdaugh found guilty in the murder of his wife and son

Eric Bland, family attorney of the Murdaugh family’s former housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, said Alex Murdaugh’s “life of lies and deceit ended today” after a jury found Murdaugh guilty of the murder of his wife and son.

Through the verdict returned by the courageous jury in Colleton County, Alex Murdaugh will drink from the same cup of justice as every other citizen and other convicted murderers,” a statement from Bland read. “His power, prestige and money afforded him no special treatment. The people have spoken. Alex’s life of lies and deceit ended today. Maggie and Paul are vindicated. Justice prevails.” 

Satterfield, who spent more than two decades with the Murdaugh family, died in 2018 in what was described as a “trip and fall accident,” according to Bland.

After Satterfield’s death, a $500,000 wrongful death claim was filed against Alex Murdaugh on behalf of Satterfield’s estate, Bland said. In 2021, Murdaugh agreed to a $4.3 million settlement with Satterfield’s family, according to Bland.

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