A man secretly recorded more than 150 people, including dozens of minors, in a cruise ship bathroom, FBI says

The FBI has arrested a man who allegedly admitted to secretly recording dozens of people, including children, in a cruise ship bathroom last week. Many of those captured on his camera were seen naked, including children that appeared to be as young as 4 years old.  

According to court documents, Jeremy Froias committed the acts while on the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship for a week starting in Miami around April 29. The FBI says that in the early days of the cruise, while the ship was in international waters, Froias put a hidden camera in a public bathroom in the back of the ship’s top deck between a surfing simulator and a bar. 

A man was arrested for allegedly placing a camera in this bathroom on the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship in late April and secretly recording passengers who were using the facilities. 


The camera was found on the evening of May 1, when a passenger noticed it and reported it to the ship’s crew. At that time, the Wi-Fi camera was seized, and upon inspection, security personnel found a Micro SD card. That card contained “several hours’ worth of .mp4 video files,” the complaint says, including footage of Froias hiding the camera and adjusting its angle so that it focused near the toilet. 

More than 150 people were secretly recorded in the short time the camera was set up, the complaint says, including at least 40 minors – some of whom were seen at least partially naked and appeared to be as young as 4 or 5 years old. 

The picture shows where the Wi-Fi-enabled camera was secretly placed in a cruise ship bathroom, right above the door. 


“Individuals are seen coming into the bathroom to either use the toilet or to change into or out of swimsuits,” the complaint says. “Froias’s camera captured these individuals in various stages of undress, including capturing videos of their naked genitals, buttocks, and female breasts.” 

After reviewing the footage, security personnel confronted Froias, during which time he admitted to placing it in the bathroom, the FBI alleges. Froias has since been charged with video voyeurism and attempted possession of child exploitation material, the FBI says. 

The FBI’s San Juan division is now seeking information about the situation and asking people who may have used the bathroom in question from April 30 to May 1 to fill out a form. Information submitted to the agency could be used in the investigation or lead to the identification of victims. 

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