Men’s college basketball rosters: Comings and goings for 2023-24

This is technically the offseason, right?

It might be hard to tell, given the endless personnel movement over the past few weeks. Between NBA draft decisions, the transfer portal, the extra year of eligibility for seniors and 2023 recruits still available, the past few weeks have felt busier than the actual season.

Keeping track of the comings and goings has become borderline impossible, but that’s where we come in. As we’ve done the past couple of years, we’re again sharing all of our roster-changes research.

Some of the classifications are self-explanatory, but here’s a quick refresher.

  • Departed or expected to depart includes players who have declared for the NBA draft and are unlikely to return, current seniors who haven’t made their plans known and players who have entered the transfer portal.

  • In limbo includes NBA draft entrants who are maintaining their college eligibility, as well as seniors who are reportedly torn on whether to return for their extra year of eligibility.

  • Expected to return includes freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have confirmed they’re returning to school, or haven’t yet made other plans.

  • Newcomers are either incoming recruits (rankings are according to ESPN’s recruiting database) or transfers.

This page will be constantly updated throughout the offseason. I’m bound to make mistakes or miss some decisions — particularly when it comes to seniors returning to school — so point out any errors to me on Twitter at @jeffborzello.

Last updated: May 10, 2023

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Departed or expected to depart: Makai Ashton-Langford (12.4 PPG), DeMarr Langford Jr. (7.0 PPG), T.J. Bickerstaff (5.2 PPG), C.J. Penha Jr. (6.3 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jaeden Zackery (10.7 PPG), Devin McGlockton (6.1 PPG), Prince Aligbe (6.1 PPG), Mason Madsen (5.8 PPG), Chas Kelley (2.9 PPG), Armani Mighty (0.7 PPG), Quinten Post (15.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Fred Payne (four-star), Jayden Hastings (four-star), Elijah Strong (NR), Claudell Harris Jr. (17.4 PPG at Charleston Southern)

Departed or expected to depart: Hunter Tyson (15.3 PPG), Brevin Galloway (11.2 PPG), Ben Middlebrooks (3.1 PPG)
In limbo: PJ Hall (15.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Chase Hunter (13.8 PPG), Ian Schieffelin (5.5 PPG), RJ Godfrey (3.2 PPG), Joshua Beadle (2.3 PPG), Dillon Hunter (1.4 PPG), Alex Hemenway (6.9 PPG), Chauncey Wiggins (2.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Asa Thomas (four-star), Jake Heidbreder (15.1 PPG at Air Force), Jack Clark (9.0 PPG at NC State), Bas Leyte (7.6 PPG at UNC Greensboro), Joseph Girard III (16.4 PPG at Syracuse)

Departed or expected to depart: Dariq Whitehead (8.3 PPG), Dereck Lively II (5.2 PPG), Jacob Grandison (4.4 PPG), Kale Catchings (0.8 PPG)
In limbo: Jeremy Roach (13.6 PPG)
Expected to return: Kyle Filipowski (15.1 PPG), Tyrese Proctor (9.4 PPG), Mark Mitchell (9.1 PPG), Ryan Young (6.4 PPG), Jaylen Blakes (3.4 PPG), Jaden Schutt (2.1 PPG), Christian Reeves (1.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Sean Stewart (No. 18 in ESPN 100), Jared McCain (No. 10 in ESPN 100), Caleb Foster (No. 23 in ESPN 100), T.J. Power (No. 31 in ESPN 100)

Departed or expected to depart: Matthew Cleveland (13.8 PPG), Caleb Mills (13.0 PPG), Naheem McLeod (3.8 PPG), Jeremiah Bembry (redshirt)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Darin Green Jr. (13.4 PPG), Cam Corhen (8.3 PPG), Jalen Warley (6.8 PPG), Cam’Ron Fletcher (10.8 PPG), Chandler Jackson (3.6 PPG), Baba Miller (4.3 PPG), Tom House (1.5 PPG), De’Ante Green (1.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Taylor Bol Bowen (No. 78 in ESPN 100), Josh Nickelberry (10.9 PPG at La Salle), Jamir Watkins (9.5 PPG at VCU), Primo Spears (16.0 PPG at Georgetown)

Departed or expected to depart: Ja’von Franklin (9.7 PPG), Deivon Smith (8.0 PPG), Rodney Howard (4.5 PPG), Tristan Maxwell (3.3 PPG), Freds Pauls Bagatskis (0.9 PPG), Cyril Martynov (0.7 PPG), Jordan Meka (0.4 PPG)
In limbo: Miles Kelly (14.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Kyle Sturdivant (8.6 PPG), Jalon Moore (7.6 PPG), Dallan Coleman (9.5 PPG), Lance Terry (10.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Tyzhaun Claude (15.4 PPG at Western Carolina), Kowacie Reeves (8.5 PPG at Florida), Amaree Abram (8.0 PPG at Ole Miss), Tafara Gapare (3.4 PPG at UMass), Ebenezer Dowuona (1.7 PPG at NC State), Jalen Forrest (11.3 PPG at Presbyterian)

Departed or expected to depart: El Ellis (17.7 PPG), Jae’Lyn Withers (8.9 PPG), Kamari Lands (5.9 PPG), Sydney Curry (4.9 PPG), Fabio Basili (1.6 PPG), Roosevelt Wheeler (1.2 PPG), Devin Ree (0.9 PPG), Zan Payne (0.2 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Mike James (10.1 PPG), Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (6.7 PPG), JJ Traynor (6.9 PPG), Hercy Miller (1.8 PPG), Emmanuel Okorafor (4.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Trentyn Flowers (No. 17 in ESPN 100), Dennis Evans (No. 58 in ESPN 100), Kaleb Glenn (No. 62 in ESPN 100), Curtis Williams (No. 72 in ESPN 100), Koron Davis (NR), Skyy Clark (7.0 PPG at Illinois), Danilo Jovanovich (0.0 PPG at Miami), Tre White (9.0 PPG at USC)

Departed or expected to depart: Isaiah Wong (16.2 PPG), Jordan Miller (15.4 PPG), Harlond Beverly (3.4 PPG), Anthony Walker (2.9 PPG), Favour Aire (0.6 PPG), Danilo Jovanovich (0.0 PPG)
In limbo: Nijel Pack (13.8 PPG), Norchad Omier (13.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Wooga Poplar (8.7 PPG), Bensley Joseph (5.2 PPG), A.J. Casey (1.0 PPG), Christian Watson (1.7 PPG)
Newcomers: Mike Nwoko (three-star), Matthew Cleveland (13.8 PPG at Florida State)

Departed or expected to depart: Caleb Love (16.7 PPG), Pete Nance (10.0 PPG), Leaky Black (7.3 PPG), Puff Johnson (4.1 PPG), Dontrez Styles (1.4 PPG), Tyler Nickel (2.1 PPG), Justin McKoy (1.7 PPG), Will Shaver (0.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Armando Bacot (15.9 PPG), R.J. Davis (16.1 PPG), Seth Trimble (1.8 PPG), D’Marco Dunn (2.7 PPG), Jalen Washington (2.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Simeon Wilcher (No. 27 in ESPN 100), Zayden High (No. 75 in ESPN 100), Paxson Wojcik (14.9 PPG at Brown), Jae’Lyn Withers (8.9 PPG at Louisville), Cormac Ryan (12.3 PPG at Notre Dame), Harrison Ingram (10.5 PPG at Stanford)

Departed or expected to depart: Terquavion Smith (17.9 PPG), Jarkel Joiner (17.0 PPG), Greg Gantt (2.0 PPG), Jack Clark (9.0 PPG), Ebenezer Dowuona (1.7 PPG), Dusan Mahorcic (8.7 PPG), Isaiah Miranda (redshirt)
In limbo: Casey Morsell (11.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Ernest Ross (3.5 PPG), LJ Thomas (2.4 PPG), Breon Pass (1.5 PPG), D.J. Burns Jr. (12.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Tremayne Parker (No. 94 in ESPN 100), Dennis Parker (four-star), Jayden Taylor (12.9 PPG at Butler), DJ Horne (12.5 PPG at Arizona State), Ben Middlebrooks (3.1 PPG at Clemson), MJ Rice (2.2 PPG at Kansas), Mohamed Diarra (3.2 PPG at Missouri)

Departed or expected to depart: Cormac Ryan (12.3 PPG), J.J. Starling (11.2 PPG), Marcus Hammond (9.9 PPG), Dane Goodwin (11.3 PPG), Nate Laszewski (13.7 PPG), Trey Wertz (8.4 PPG), Ven-Allen Lubin (6.2 PPG), Dom Campbell (0.7 PPG), Robby Carmody (0.2 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Matt Zona (1.7 PPG), J.R. Konieczny (redshirt), Tony Sanders Jr.
Newcomers: Braeden Shrewsberry (four-star), Markus Burton (four-star), Julian Roper II (4.4 PPG at Northwestern), Carey Booth (No. 58 in ESPN 100), Kebba Njie (3.4 PPG at Penn State)

Departed or expected to depart: Jamarius Burton (15.2 PPG), Nelly Cummings (11.1 PPG), Nike Sibande (8.4 PPG), Greg Elliott (10.4 PPG), John Hugley IV (8.0 PPG), Nate Santos (1.6 PPG)
In limbo: Blake Hinson (15.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Federiko Federiko (6.6 PPG), Guillermo Diaz Graham (3.5 PPG), Jorge Diaz Graham (2.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Jaland Lowe (No. 76 in ESPN 100), Carlton Carrington (four-star), Marlon Barnes Jr. (three-star), Zack Austin (14.1 PPG at High Point), Ishmael Leggett (16.4 PPG at Rhode Island)

Departed or expected to depart: Joseph Girard III (16.4 PPG), Jesse Edwards (14.5 PPG), Symir Torrence (2.4 PPG), John Bol Ajak (1.1 PPG)
In limbo: Judah Mintz (16.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Benny Williams (7.2 PPG), Chris Bell (6.6 PPG), Maliq Brown (5.7 PPG), Justin Taylor (4.2 PPG), Quadir Copeland (2.1 PPG), Mounir Hima (1.0 PPG)
Newcomers: William Patterson (NR), J.J. Starling (11.2 PPG at Notre Dame), Chance Westry (2.5 PPG at Auburn)

Departed or expected to depart: Jayden Gardner (12.0 PPG), Kihei Clark (10.7 PPG), Armaan Franklin (12.4 PPG), Ben Vander Plas (7.4 PPG), Kadin Shedrick (6.2 PPG), Francisco Caffaro (2.0 PPG), Isaac Traudt (redshirt)
In limbo: Reece Beekman (9.5 PPG)
Expected to return: Isaac McKneely (6.7 PPG), Ryan Dunn (2.6 PPG), Taine Murray (1.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Elijah Gertrude (No. 96 in ESPN 100), Blake Buchanan (No. 59 in ESPN 100), Anthony Robinson (NR), Dante Harris (11.9 PPG at Georgetown), Jordan Minor (17.4 PPG at Merrimack), Andrew Rohde (17.1 PPG at St. Thomas), Jacob Groves (6.8 PPG at Oklahoma)

Departed or expected to depart: Grant Basile (16.4 PPG), Justyn Mutts (13.3 PPG), Darius Maddox (8.5 PPG), Darren Buchanan Jr.
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Sean Pedulla (15.0 PPG), Hunter Cattoor (10.8 PPG), Rodney Rice (7.4 PPG), MJ Collins (4.1 PPG), Lynn Kidd (5.0 PPG), Mylyjael Poteat (3.4 PPG), John Camden (1.3 PPG)
Newcomers: Jaydon Young (four-star), Brandon Rechsteiner (three-star), Mekhi Long (10.7 PPG at Old Dominion), Robbie Beran (7.6 PPG at Northwestern), Tyler Nickel (2.1 PPG at North Carolina)

Departed or expected to depart: Tyree Appleby (18.8 PPG), Daivien Williamson (8.7 PPG), Davion Bradford (2.6 PPG), Lucas Taylor (2.2 PPG), Robert McCray V
In limbo: Bobi Klintman (5.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Damari Monsanto (13.3 PPG), Cameron Hildreth (12.4 PPG), Andrew Carr (10.7 PPG), Matthew Marsh (6.1 PPG), Zach Keller (2.3 PPG), Jao Ituka (3.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Aaron Clark (four-star), Parker Friedrichsen (four-star), Marqus Mitrovic Marion (NR), Kevin Miller (18.5 PPG at Central Michigan), Hunter Sallis (4.4 PPG at Gonzaga), Efton Reid III (2.1 PPG at Gonzaga)

Big East

Departed or expected to depart: Jayden Taylor (12.9 PPG), Simas Lukosius (11.6 PPG), Chuck Harris (10.4 PPG), Eric Hunter Jr. (8.2 PPG), Ali Ali (6.5 PPG), Myles Tate (2.5 PPG), Pierce Thomas (2.2 PPG), Myles Wilmoth (0.7 PPG), D.J. Hughes (1.7 PPG)
In limbo: Manny Bates (11.6 PPG)
Expected to return: Jalen Thomas (7.0 PPG), Connor Turnbull (2.0 PPG), John-Michael Mulloy (redshirt)
Newcomers: Finley Bizjack (No. 97 in ESPN 100), Boden Kapke (NR), Augusto Cassia (NR), Jahmyl Telfort (16.4 PPG at Northeastern), DJ Davis (15.0 PPG at UC Irvine), Landon Moore (13.1 PPG at St. Francis PA), Andre Screen (11.4 PPG at Bucknell), Pierre Brooks (3.6 PPG at Michigan State), Posh Alexander (10.2 PPG at St. John’s)

Departed or expected to depart: Ryan Nembhard (12.1 PPG), Shereef Mitchell (1.8 PPG), Ben Shtolzberg (1.5 PPG)
In limbo: Ryan Kalkbrenner (15.9 PPG), Trey Alexander (13.6 PPG), Arthur Kaluma (11.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Baylor Scheierman (12.8 PPG), Fredrick King (3.4 PPG), Francisco Farabello (3.0 PPG), Mason Miller (2.3 PPG)
Newcomers: Josiah Dotzler (NR), Isaac Traudt (redshirt at Virginia), Steven Ashworth (16.2 PPG at Utah State), Johnathan Lawson (3.4 PPG at Memphis), Brock Vice (NR)

Departed or expected to depart: Umoja Gibson (15.8 PPG), Javan Johnson (14.2 PPG), Eral Penn (8.3 PPG), Philmon Gebrewhit (5.8 PPG), Yor Anei (5.0 PPG), Ahamad Bynum (3.8 PPG), Max Williams, Tyon Grant-Foster
In limbo: Nick Ongenda (12.5 PPG)
Expected to return: Da’Sean Nelson (10.0 PPG), Caleb Murphy (5.3 PPG), Jalen Terry (5.7 PPG), K.T. Raimey (3.1 PPG), Zion Cruz (2.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Dramane Camara (NR), Keyondre Young (NR), Chico Carter Jr. (9.8 PPG at South Carolina), Jeremiah Oden (9.5 PPG at Wyoming), Jaden Henley (5.3 PPG at Minnesota), Elijah Fisher (3.3 PPG at Texas Tech)

Departed or expected to depart: Primo Spears (16.0 PPG), Brandon Murray (13.7 PPG), Qudus Wahab (9.6 PPG), Bryson Mozone (6.6 PPG), Jordan Riley (4.6 PPG), Bradley Ezewiro (4.3 PPG), Denver Anglin (1.3 PPG), D’Ante Bass (0.3 PPG), Malcolm Wilson (0.3 PPG), Dante Harris (11.9 PPG in 2021-22)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jay Heath (12.3 PPG), Wayne Bristol Jr. (3.3 PPG), Ryan Mutombo (2.5 PPG), Akok Akok (6.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Drew Fielder (four-star), Jayden Epps (9.5 PPG at Illinois), Dontrez Styles (1.4 PPG at North Carolina), Rowan Brumbaugh (redshirt at Texas), Ismael Massoud (5.4 PPG at Kansas State)

Departed or expected to depart: Keeyan Itejere (0.8 PPG), Zach Wrightsil (1.3 PPG), Emarion Ellis (redshirt)
In limbo: Olivier-Maxence Prosper (12.5 PPG)
Expected to return: Tyler Kolek (12.9 PPG), Kam Jones (15.1 PPG), Oso Ighodaro (11.4 PPG), Stevie Mitchell (7.1 PPG), David Joplin (9.2 PPG), Sean Jones (3.6 PPG), Ben Gold (2.7 PPG), Chase Ross (4.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Tre Norman (No. 98 in ESPN 100), Alassane Amadou (four-star), Zaide Lowery (four-star)

Departed or expected to depart: Ed Croswell (13.3 PPG), Jared Bynum (10.0 PPG), Noah Locke (11.0 PPG), Clifton Moore (4.6 PPG), Quante Berry (redshirt)
In limbo: Alyn Breed (4.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Bryce Hopkins (15.8 PPG), Devin Carter (13.0 PPG), Rafael Castro (1.8 PPG), Corey Floyd Jr. (2.6 PPG), Jayden Pierre (2.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Garwey Dual (No. 41 in ESPN 100), Donovan Santoro (NR), Richard Barron (NR), Josh Oduro (15.6 PPG at George Mason), Justyn Fernandez (4.1 PPG at George Mason), Davonte Gaines (7.3 PPG at George Mason)

Departed or expected to depart: David Jones (13.2 PPG), Andre Curbelo (9.6 PPG), Posh Alexander (10.2 PPG), Dylan Addae-Wusu (9.3 PPG), Montez Mathis (9.6 PPG), A.J. Storr (8.8 PPG), O’Mar Stanley (4.1 PPG), Rafael Pinzon (6.1 PPG), Kolby King (1.7 PPG), Esahia Nyiwe (1.4 PPG), Mohamed Keita (0.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Joel Soriano (15.2 PPG), Drissa Traore (0.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Brady Dunlap (No. 87 in ESPN 100), RJ Luis (11.5 PPG at UMass), Sadiku Ibine Ayo (2.6 PPG at Iona), Daniss Jenkins (15.6 PPG at Iona), Sean Conway (12.1 PPG at VMI), Nahiem Alleyne (5.2 PPG at UConn), Cruz Davis (6.5 PPG at Iona), Quinn Slazinski (11.3 PPG at Iona), Glenn Taylor Jr., (11.6 PPG at Oregon State)

Departed or expected to depart: Tyrese Samuel (11.0 PPG), KC Ndefo (8.4 PPG), Femi Odukale (7.3 PPG), Tray Jackson (6.5 PPG), Jamir Harris (4.2 PPG), Alexis Yetna (8.1 PPG in 2021-22), Tae Davis (2.8 PPG), Abdou Ndiaye (1.6 PPG in 2021-22), Elijah Muhammad (0.4 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Al-Amir Dawes (12.6 PPG), Dre Davis (9.6 PPG), Kadary Richmond (10.1 PPG), Jaquan Sanders (2.3 PPG), JaQuan Harris
Newcomers: Isaiah Coleman (four-star), David Tubek (three-star), Dylan Addae-Wusu (9.3 PPG at St. John’s), Elijah Hutchins-Everett (11.5 PPG at Austin Peay)

Departed or expected to depart: Adama Sanogo (17.1 PPG), Jordan Hawkins (16.3 PPG), Joey Calcaterra (5.8 PPG), Nahiem Alleyne (5.1 PPG), Yarin Hasson, Richie Springs (0.8 PPG)
In limbo: Tristen Newton (9.9 PPG), Andre Jackson Jr. (6.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Alex Karaban (9.5 PPG), Donovan Clingan (7.1 PPG), Hassan Diarra (2.2 PPG), Samson Johnson (1.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Stephon Castle (No. 12 in ESPN 100), Solomon Ball (No. 32 in ESPN 100), Jaylin Stewart (No. 91 in ESPN 100), Jayden Ross (No. 80 in ESPN 100), Youssouf Singare (four-star)

Departed or expected to depart: Cam Whitmore (12.5 PPG), Caleb Daniels (14.2 PPG), Brandon Slater (9.7 PPG), Chris Arcidiacono (2.8 PPG), Angelo Brizzi (2.0 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Eric Dixon (15.4 PPG), Justin Moore (13.5 PPG), Mark Armstrong (5.3 PPG), Jordan Longino (5.0 PPG), Brendan Hausen (3.1 PPG), Trey Patterson (0.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Jordann Dumont (three-star), TJ Bamba (15.8 PPG at Washington State), Hakim Hart (11.4 PPG at Maryland)

Departed or expected to depart: Colby Jones (15.0 PPG), Jack Nunge (14.2 PPG), Souley Boum (16.4 PPG), Adam Kunkel (10.9 PPG), KyKy Tandy (2.2 PPG), Elijah Tucker (1.0 PPG), Cesare Edwards (2.2 PPG), Dieonte Miles (1.1 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Zach Freemantle (15.2 PPG), Desmond Claude (4.7 PPG), Kam Craft (2.6 PPG), Jerome Hunter (7.8 PPG)
Newcomers: Trey Green (No. 55 in ESPN 100), Dailyn Swain (No. 92 in ESPN 100), Reid Ducharme (four-star), Kachi Nzeh (three-star), Quincy Olivari (18.7 PPG at Rice), Dayvion McKnight (16.5 PPG at Western Kentucky), Logan Duncomb (2.9 PPG at Indiana), Abou Ousmane (11.1 PPG at North Texas)

Big Ten

Departed or expected to depart: Terrence Shannon Jr. (17.2 PPG), Matthew Mayer (12.5 PPG), Jayden Epps (9.5 PPG), Skyy Clark (7.0 PPG), RJ Melendez (6.0 PPG), Brandon Lieb (0.9 PPG)
In limbo: Coleman Hawkins (9.9 PPG)
Expected to return: Dain Dainja (9.5 PPG), Ty Rodgers (3.3 PPG), Sencire Harris (3.7 PPG), Luke Goode (4.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Niccolo Moretti (redshirt), Amani Hansberry (No. 65 in ESPN 100), Dravyn Gibbs-Lawhorn (four-star), Marcus Domask (16.7 PPG at Southern Illinois), Justin Harmon (14.0 PPG at Utah Valley), Quincy Guerrier (9.0 PPG at Oregon), Keaton Kutcher (2.5 PPG at South Dakota)

Departed or expected to depart: Jalen Hood-Schifino (13.5 PPG), Trayce Jackson-Davis (20.9 PPG), Race Thompson (8.4 PPG), Miller Kopp (8.1 PPG), Jordan Geronimo (4.2 PPG), Tamar Bates (6.1 PPG), Logan Duncomb (2.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Malik Reneau (6.1 PPG), Trey Galloway (6.7 PPG), Kaleb Banks (2.0 PPG, CJ Gunn (2.0 PPG), Anthony Leal (0.2 PPG), Xavier Johnson (9.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Gabe Cupps (No. 77 in ESPN 100), Jakai Newton (four-star), Payton Sparks (13.3 PPG at Ball State), Kel’el Ware (6.6 PPG at Oregon), Anthony Walker (2.8 PPG at Miami)

Departed or expected to depart: Kris Murray (20.2 PPG), Filip Rebraca (14.1 PPG), Connor McCaffery (6.5 PPG), Ahron Ulis (6.1 PPG), Josh Ogundele (1.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Tony Perkins (12.3 PPG), Payton Sandfort (10.3 PPG), Patrick McCaffery (9.8 PPG), Dasonte Bowen (3.1 PPG), Josh Dix (2.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Pryce Sandfort (No. 95 in ESPN 100), Ladji Dembele (three-star), Owen Freeman (four-star), Brock Harding (three-star), Ben Krikke (19.4 PPG at Valparaiso), Even Brauns (7.0 PPG at Belmont)

Departed or expected to depart: Hakim Hart (11.4 PPG), Ike Cornish, Don Carey (7.4 PPG), Patrick Emilien (2.8 PPG), Arnaud Revaz, Pavlo Dziuba
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jahmir Young (15.8 PPG), Julian Reese (11.4 PPG), Donta Scott (11.3 PPG), Ian Martinez (5.7 PPG), Noah Batchelor (1.6 PPG), Jahari Long (2.1 PPG), Caelum Swanton-Rodger (0.8 PPG)
Newcomers: DeShawn Harris-Smith (No. 40 in ESPN 100), Jamie Kaiser (No. 69 in ESPN 100), Jahnathan Lamothe (four-star), Braden Pierce (NR), Chance Stephens (6.0 PPG at Loyola Marymount), Jordan Geronimo (4.2 PPG at Indiana)

Departed or expected to depart: Jett Howard (14.2 PPG), Kobe Bufkin (14.0 PPG), Hunter Dickinson (18.5 PPG), Joey Baker (5.7 PPG), Isaiah Barnes (1.1 PPG), Gregg Glenn III (1.5 PPG)
In limbo: Jaelin Llewellyn (7.0 PPG)
Expected to return: Dug McDaniel (8.6 PPG), Terrance Williams II (6.1 PPG), Tarris Reed Jr. (3.4 PPG), Will Tschetter (2.3 PPG), Jace Howard (1.2 PPG), Youssef Khayat (1.3 PPG)
Newcomers: George Washington III (No. 93 in ESPN 100), Caleb Love (16.7 PPG at North Carolina), Tray Jackson (6.5 PPG at Seton Hall), Nimari Burnett (5.6 PPG at Alabama)

Departed or expected to depart: Joey Hauser (14.4 PPG), Pierre Brooks (3.6 PPG)
In limbo: A.J. Hoggard (12.9 PPG), Jaden Akins (9.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Tyson Walker (14.8 PPG), Malik Hall (8.9 PPG), Jaxon Kohler (3.0 PPG), Mady Sissoko (5.1 PPG), Tre Holloman (1.3 PPG), Carson Cooper (1.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Xavier Booker (No. 15 in ESPN 100), Jeremy Fears (No. 26 in ESPN 100), Coen Carr (No. 24 in ESPN 100), Gehrig Normand (four-star)

Departed or expected to depart: Jamison Battle (12.5 PPG), Ta’Lon Cooper (9.9 PPG), Jaden Henley (5.3 PPG), Taurus Samuels (2.3 PPG), Treyton Thompson (1.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Dawson Garcia (15.3 PPG), Pharrel Payne (8.2 PPG), Joshua Ola-Joseph (7.4 PPG), Braeden Carrington (5.9 PPG), Will Ramberg (2.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Cameron Christie (four-star), Mike Mitchell Jr. (11.4 PPG at Pepperdine), Jack Wilson (0.3 PPG at Washington State), Elijah Hawkins (12.9 PPG at Howard)

Departed or expected to depart: Derrick Walker (13.6 PPG), Sam Griesel (12.0 PPG), Emmanuel Bandoumel (8.4 PPG), Denim Dawson (1.7 PPG), Oleg Kojenets (0.6 PPG), Quaran McPherson, Wilhelm Breidenbach (3.6 PPG)
In limbo: Keisei Tominaga (13.1 PPG)
Expected to return: Juwan Gary (9.5 PPG), C.J. Wilcher (8.0 PPG), Jamarques Lawrence (5.0 PPG), Sam Hoiberg (4.1 PPG), Blaise Keita (2.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Eli Rice (NR), Brice Williams (13.8 PPG at Charlotte), Rienk Mast (13.8 PPG at Bradley), Ahron Ulis (6.1 PPG at Iowa), Josiah Allick (8.4 PPG at New Mexico)

Departed or expected to depart: Chase Audige (14.1 PPG), Robbie Beran (7.5 PPG), Tydus Verhoeven (2.4 PPG), Julian Roper II (4.4 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Boo Buie (17.3 PPG), Ty Berry (8.5 PPG), Brooks Barnhizer (7.6 PPG), Matthew Nicholson (6.3 PPG), Nick Martinelli (2.6 PPG), Luke Hunger (2.7 PPG)
Newcomers: Jordan Clayton (NR), Blake Barkley (NR), Parker Strauss (NR), Blake Preston (6.7 PPG at Liberty), Justin Mullins (9.8 PPG at Denver), Ryan Langborg (12.7 PPG at Princeton)

Departed or expected to depart: Brice Sensabaugh (16.3 PPG), Justice Sueing (12.3 PPG), Sean McNeil (9.7 PPG), Isaac Likekele (3.8 PPG), Tanner Holden (3.6 PPG), Eugene Brown III (2.2 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Bruce Thornton (10.6 PPG), Zed Key (10.8 PPG), Roddy Gayle Jr. (4.6 PPG), Felix Okpara (4.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Scotty Middleton (No. 34 in ESPN 100), Taison Chatman (No. 45 in ESPN 100), Devin Royal (No. 49 in ESPN 100), Austin Parks (four-star), Jamison Battle (12.4 PPG at Minnesota), Evan Mahaffey (2.8 PPG), Dale Bonner (4.7 PPG at Baylor)

Departed or expected to depart: Jalen Pickett (17.7 PPG), Seth Lundy (14.2 PPG), Andrew Funk (12.5 PPG), Camren Wynter (8.9 PPG), Myles Dread (5.5 PPG), Kebba Njie (3.4 PPG), Michael Henn (2.4 PPG), Evan Mahaffey (2.8 PPG), Caleb Dorsey (2.3 PPG), Dallion Johnson (2.0 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Kanye Clary (3.7 PPG), Jameel Brown (0.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Ace Baldwin (12.7 PPG at VCU), Nick Kern (5.3 PPG at VCU), Zach Hicks (9.6 PPG at Temple), Qudus Wahab (9.6 PPG at Georgetown), Puff Johnson (4.1 PPG at North Carolina), Leo O’Boyle (11.6 PPG at Lafayette)

Departed or expected to depart: Brandon Newman (6.0 PPG), David Jenkins Jr. (3.9 PPG)
In limbo: Zach Edey (22.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Fletcher Loyer (11.0 PPG), Braden Smith (9.7 PPG), Mason Gillis (6.8 PPG), Trey Kaufman-Renn (4.5 PPG), Caleb Furst (5.5 PPG), Ethan Morton (3.8 PPG), Brian Waddell (0.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Myles Colvin (four-star), Lance Jones (13.8 PPG at Southern Illinois)

Departed or expected to depart: Caleb McConnell (9.1 PPG), Oskar Palmquist (2.3 PPG), Dean Reiber (1.8 PPG), Jalen Miller (0.7 PPG)
In limbo: Clifford Omoruyi (13.2 PPG), Paul Mulcahy (8.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Cam Spencer (13.2 PPG), Aundre Hyatt (8.8 PPG), Derek Simpson (7.1 PPG), Mawot Mag (7.8 PPG), Antwone Woolfolk (2.3 PPG)
Newcomers: Gavin Griffiths (No. 47 in ESPN 100), Jamichael Davis (NR), Noah Fernandes (13.4 PPG at UMass)

Departed or expected to depart: Jordan Davis (5.1 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Chucky Hepburn (12.2 PPG), Steven Crowl (12.1 PPG), Connor Essegian (11.7 PPG), Tyler Wahl (11.3 PPG), Max Klesmit (8.4 PPG), Kamari McGee (1.3 PPG), Carter Gilmore (2.6 PPG), Isaac Lindsey (1.5 PPG), Markus Ilver (1.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Gus Yalden (four-star), Nolan Winter (four-star), John Blackwell (three-star), AJ Storr (8.8 PPG at St. John’s)

Big 12

Departed or expected to depart: Keyonte George (15.3 PPG), Adam Flagler (15.6 PPG), LJ Cryer (15.0 PPG), Flo Thamba (5.0 PPG), Dale Bonner (4.7 PPG), Zach Loveday (0.9 PPG), Jordan Turner (0.1 PPG)
In limbo: Jalen Bridges (10.3 PPG), Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua (5.1 PPG)
Expected to return: Langston Love (6.3 PPG), Josh Ojianwuna (4.2 PPG), Caleb Lohner (3.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Ja’Kobe Walter (No. 8 in ESPN 100), Miro Little (No. 37 in ESPN 100), Jayden Nunn (9.3 PPG at VCU)

Departed or expected to depart: Rudi Williams (12.8 PPG), Gideon George (10.4 PPG), Tanner Toolson (3.5 PPG), Braeden Moore
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Fousseyni Traore (12.9 PPG), Spencer Johnson (11.1 PPG), Jaxson Robinson (8.5 PPG), Dallin Hall (7.3 PPG), Noah Waterman (4.6 PPG), Richie Saunders (5.5 PPG), Atiki Ally Atiki (3.8 PPG), Trey Stewart (1.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Aly Khalifa (11.7 PPG at Charlotte), Dawson Baker (15.3 PPG at UC Irvine), Ques Glover (14.7 PPG at Samford)

Departed or expected to depart: David DeJulius (14.8 PPG), Mika Adams-Woods (9.1 PPG), Jeremiah Davenport (9.1 PPG), Kalu Ezikpe (3.3 PPG), Jarrett Hensley (2.0 PPG), Rob Phinisee (1.7 PPG)
In limbo: Landers Nolley II (16.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Viktor Lakhin (11.6 PPG), Ody Oguama (5.5 PPG), Dan Skillings Jr. (5.3 PPG), Josh Reed (1.5 PPG), Sage Tolentino (redshirt), John Newman III (6.9 PPG in 2021-22)
Newcomers: Edgerrin James (No. 74 in ESPN 100), Rayvon Griffith (No. 79 in ESPN 100), CJ Fredrick (6.1 PPG at Kentucky), Jamille Reynolds (10.1 PPG at Temple), Simas Lukosius (11.6 PPG at Butler)

Departed or expected to depart: Jarace Walker (11.2 PPG), Marcus Sasser (16.8 PPG), Tramon Mark (10.1 PPG), Reggie Chaney (3.0 PPG), Mylik Wilson (2.5 PPG at Texas Tech in 2021-22), Kiyron Powell
In limbo: Jamal Shead (10.5 PPG)
Expected to return: J’Wan Roberts (10.0 PPG), Emanuel Sharp (5.9 PPG), Terrance Arceneaux (3.7 PPG), Ja’Vier Francis (4.3 PPG), Ramon Walker (2.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Joseph Tugler (No. 85 in ESPN 100), Jacob McFarland (No. 100 in ESPN 100), Kordelius Jefferson (three-star), Cedric Lath (NR), Damian Dunn (15.3 PPG at Temple), LJ Cryer (15.0 PPG at Baylor)

Departed or expected to depart: Jaren Holmes (13.3 PPG), Gabe Kalscheur (12.9 PPG), Osun Osunniyi (8.2 PPG), Caleb Grill (9.5 PPG), Aljaz Kunc (7.1 PPG), Eli King (1.2 PPG), Jeremiah Williams (9.5 PPG at Temple in 2021-22)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Tamin Lipsey (7.3 PPG), Tre King (6.1 PPG), Robert Jones (5.7 PPG), Demarion Watson (1.7 PPG), Hason Ward (2.8 PPG)
Newcomers: Omaha Biliew (No. 11 in ESPN 100), Milan Momcilovic (No. 48 in ESPN 100), Jelani Hamilton (four-star), Kayden Fish (three-star), Jackson Paveletzke (15.1 PPG at Wofford), Keshon Gilbert (11.4 PPG at UNLV), Curtis Jones (15.0 PPG at Buffalo)

Departed or expected to depart: Gradey Dick (14.1 PPG), Jalen Wilson (20.1 PPG), Joseph Yesufu (4.1 PPG), MJ Rice (2.2 PPG), Bobby Pettiford Jr. (2.2 PPG), Cam Martin (1.8 PPG), Zach Clemence (1.4 PPG), Zuby Ejiofor (1.2 PPG), Kyle Cuffe Jr.
In limbo: Kevin McCullar Jr. (10.7 PPG)
Expected to return: Dajuan Harris Jr. (8.9 PPG), K.J. Adams Jr. (10.6 PPG), Ernest Udeh Jr. (2.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Elmarko Jackson (No. 25 in ESPN 100), Chris Johnson (No. 42 in ESPN 100), Jamari McDowell (four-star), Marcus Adams (four-star), Nicolas Timberlake (17.7 PPG at Towson), Arterio Morris (4.6 PPG at Texas), Hunter Dickinson (18.5 PPG at Michigan)

Departed or expected to depart: Markquis Nowell (17.6 PPG), Desi Sills (8.7 PPG), Abayomi Iyiola (3.4 PPG), Ismael Massoud (5.4 PPG), Tykei Greene (2.7 PPG), Anthony Thomas
In limbo: Keyontae Johnson (17.4 PPG), Nae’Qwan Tomlin (10.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Cam Carter (6.5 PPG), David N’Guessan (6.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Dai Dai Ames (No. 54 in ESPN 100), R.J. Jones (No. 64 in ESPN 100), Macaleab Rich (three-star), Tylor Perry (17.3 PPG at North Texas)

Departed or expected to depart: Grant Sherfield (15.9 PPG), Tanner Groves (10.2 PPG), Jalen Hill (9.7 PPG), Jacob Groves (6.8 PPG), Joe Bamisile (4.0 PPG), Bijan Cortes (3.2 PPG), C.J. Noland (3.2 PPG), Benny Schroder (2.3 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Milos Uzan (7.6 PPG), Sam Godwin (4.9 PPG), Otega Oweh (4.8 PPG)
Newcomers: Kaden Cooper (No. 67 in ESPN 100), Jacolb Cole (No. 82 in ESPN 100), Javian McCollum (15.9 PPG at Siena), John Hugley IV (8.0 PPG at Pittsburgh), Rivaldo Soares (7.2 PPG at Oregon), Le’Tre Darthard (13.8 PPG at Utah Valley)

Departed or expected to depart: Kalib Boone (10.6 PPG), Avery Anderson III (11.1 PPG), Caleb Asberry (9.7 PPG), Moussa Cisse (6.8 PPG), Tyreek Smith (5.2 PPG), Woody Newton (4.3 PPG), Chris Harris (2.4 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Bryce Thompson (11.8 PPG), John-Michael Wright (9.8 PPG), Quion Williams (3.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Brandon Garrison (No. 39 in ESPN 100), Eric Dailey Jr. (No. 53 in ESPN 100), Justin McBride (four-star), Jamyron Keller (four-star), Connor Dow (three-star), Javon Small (15.8 PPG at East Carolina), Mike Marsh (10.5 PPG at Jacksonville)

Departed or expected to depart: Mike Miles Jr. (17.9 PPG), Shahada Wells (5.9 PPG), PJ Haggerty (2.8 PPG), Eddie Lampkin Jr. (6.3 PPG), Souleymane Doumbia (0.9 PPG)
In limbo: (12.6 PPG), Emanuel Miller (12.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Micah Peavy (7.0 PPG), JaKobe Coles (8.6 PPG), Chuck O’Bannon Jr. (7.7 PPG), Xavier Cork (4.4 PPG), Rondel Walker (1.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Jace Posey (NR), Isaiah Manning (three-star), Jameer Nelson Jr. (20.6 PPG at Delaware), Essam Mostafa (12.4 PPG at Coastal Carolina), Trevian Tennyson (15.7 PPG at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi), Avery Anderson III (11.1 PPG at Oklahoma State)

Departed or expected to depart: Marcus Carr (15.9 PPG), Timmy Allen (10.5 PPG), Sir’Jabari Rice (13.0 PPG), Christian Bishop (6.6 PPG), Arterio Morris (4.6 PPG), Rowan Brumbaugh (redshirt)
In limbo: Tyrese Hunter (10.3 PPG), Dillon Mitchell (4.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Dylan Disu (8.8 PPG), Brock Cunningham (4.6 PPG), Alex Anamekwe (1.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Kadin Shedrick (6.2 PPG at Virginia), Max Abmas (21.9 PPG at Oral Roberts), Chendall Weaver (9.5 PPG at UT Arlington), Ze’Rik Onyema (7.1 PPG at UTEP)

Departed or expected to depart: De’Vion Harmon (13.6 PPG), Fardaws Aimaq (11.1 PPG), Kevin Obanor (14.4 PPG), Jaylon Tyson (10.7 PPG), Daniel Batcho (7.9 PPG), Elijah Fisher (3.3 PPG), KJ Allen (2.4 PPG), Ethan Duncan
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Pop Isaacs (11.5 PPG), Lamar Washington (3.4 PPG), Robert Jennings (2.7 PPG), Kerwin Walton (3.6 PPG), D’Maurian Williams (3.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Drew Steffe (four-star), Jason Jackson (four-star), Chance McMillian (10.9 PPG at Grand Canyon), Darrion Williams (7.7 PPG at Nevada), KyeRon Lindsay (6.2 PPG at Georgia)

Departed or expected to depart: Taylor Hendricks (15.1 PPG), C.J. Kelly (13.3 PPG), Brandon Suggs (6.6 PPG), Jayhlon Young (4.5 PPG), Tyem Freeman (3.4 PPG), Michael Durr (5.5 PPG), Lahat Thioune (2.6 PPG), P.J. Edwards (1.7 PPG)
In limbo: Ithiel Horton (12.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Darius Johnson (10.0 PPG), C.J. Walker (5.0 PPG), Thierno Sylla (2.2 PPG), Tyler Hendricks (redshirt)
Newcomers: Comeh Emuobor (three-star), Joey Hart (NR), Petras Padegimas (NR), Antwann Jones (2.1 PPG at Louisiana)

Departed or expected to depart: Erik Stevenson (15.4 PPG), Kedrian Johnson (11.7 PPG), Jimmy Bell Jr. (4.8 PPG), Emmitt Matthews Jr. (10.2 PPG), Josiah Davis (1.8 PPG), Jamel King (1.5 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Tre Mitchell (11.7 PPG), Joe Toussaint (9.4 PPG), Seth Wilson (4.2 PPG), Mohamed Wague (4.1 PPG), James Okonkwo (2.5 PPG), Kobe Johnson (2.0 PPG), Patrick Suemnick (1.4 PPG), Josiah Harris (1.8 PPG)
Newcomers: Jose Perez (18.9 PPG at Manhattan), Omar Silverio (10.9 PPG at Manhattan), Jesse Edwards (14.5 PPG at Syracuse), Kerr Kriisa (9.9 PPG at Arizona), RaeQuan Battle (17.7 PPG at Montana State)


Departed or expected to depart: Azuolas Tubelis (19.8 PPG), Kerr Kriisa (9.9 PPG), Courtney Ramey (10.5 PPG), Cedric Henderson Jr., (8.1 PPG), Adama Bal (2.5 PPG)
In limbo: Pelle Larsson (9.9 PPG)
Expected to return: Oumar Ballo (14.2 PPG), Kylan Boswell (4.6 PPG), Henri Veesaar (2.4 PPG), Filip Borovicanin (1.3 PPG), Dylan Anderson (1.4 PPG)
Newcomers: K.J. Lewis (four-star), Jaden Bradley (6.4 PPG at Alabama)

Departed or expected to depart: Desmond Cambridge Jr. (13.6 PPG), Devan Cambridge (9.8 PPG), DJ Horne (12.5 PPG), Warren Washington (9.2 PPG), Luther Muhammad (3.7 PPG), Austin Nunez (4.5 PPG), Duke Brennan (2.4 PPG), Enoch Boakye (0.7 PPG)
In limbo: Marcus Bagley (12.5 PPG), Frankie Collins (9.7 PPG)
Expected to return: Jamiya Neal (4.9 PPG), Alonzo Gaffney (3.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Braelon Green (four-star), Akil Watson (four-star), Malachi Davis (JC), Kamari Lands (5.9 PPG at Louisville), Adam Miller (11.5 PPG at LSU), Zane Meeks (10.9 PPG at San Francisco), Shawn Phillips (1.4 PPG at LSU), Bryant Selebangue (12.0 PPG at Tulsa), Brycen Long (14.8 PPG at Houston Christian)

Departed or expected to depart: Lars Thiemann (9.5 PPG), Kuany Kuany (9.0 PPG), DeJuan Clayton (9.2 PPG), Joel Brown (6.9 PPG), Sam Alajiki (6.1 PPG), Marsalis Roberson (1.8 PPG), Obinna Anyanwu (1.6 PPG), Jarred Hyder (1.3 PPG in 2021-22)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Devin Askew (15.5 PPG), Grant Newell (8.0 PPG), Monty Bowser (3.8 PPG), ND Okafor (3.7 PPG), Obinna Anyanwu (1.6 PPG), Wrenn Robinson (1.3 PPG)
Newcomers: Rodney Brown (three-star), Devin Curtis (three-star), Jalen Cone (17.6 PPG at Northern Arizona), Fardaws Aimaq (11.1 PPG at Texas Tech), Mike Meadows (11.3 PPG at Portland), Keonte Kennedy (9.2 PPG at Memphis), Jaylon Tyson (10.7 PPG at Texas Tech)

Departed or expected to depart: Lawson Lovering (4.9 PPG), Nique Clifford (5.9 PPG), Ethan Wright (4.3 PPG), Jalen Gabbidon (4.6 PPG), Quincy Allen (1.6 PPG)
In limbo: Tristan da Silva (15.9 PPG)
Expected to return: KJ Simpson (15.9 PPG), Julian Hammond III (6.9 PPG), J’Vonne Hadley (8.0 PPG), Javon Ruffin (6.0 PPG), Luke O’Brien (6.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Cody Williams (No. 7 in ESPN 100), Assane Diop (No. 70 in ESPN 100), Courtney Anderson (four-star), Eddie Lampkin Jr. (6.3 PPG at TCU)

Departed or expected to depart: Will Richardson (12.2 PPG), Quincy Guerrier (9.0 PPG), Rivaldo Soares (7.2 PPG), Kel’el Ware (6.6 PPG), Lok Wur (2.6 PPG), Tyrone Williams (2.5 PPG), Ethan Butler
In limbo: None
Expected to return: N’Faly Dante (13.4 PPG), Jermaine Couisnard (12.8 PPG), Keeshawn Barthelemy (9.3 PPG), Nate Bittle (7.3 PPG), Brennan Rigsby (4.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Kwame Evans (No. 13 in ESPN 100), Mookie Cook (No. 20 in ESPN 100), Jackson Shelstad (No. 35 in ESPN 100), Kario Oquendo (12.7 PPG at Georgia), Devan Cambridge (9.8 PPG at Arizona State)

Departed or expected to depart: Glenn Taylor Jr. (11.6 PPG), Dzmitry Ryuny (4.7 PPG), Nick Krass (1.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jordan Pope (12.6 PPG), Dexter Akanno (7.9 PPG), Tyler Bilodeau (7.0 PPG), Michael Rataj (6.1 PPG), Rodrigue Andela (4.6 PPG), Justin Rochelin (2.8 PPG), KC Ibekwe (2.5 PPG), Chol Marial (2.2 PPG), Christian Wright (2.2 PPG), Jayden Stevens (1.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Gavin Marrs (NR)

Departed or expected to depart: Harrison Ingram (10.5 PPG), Michael O’Connell (5.2 PPG), Isa Silva (3.2 PPG), Jarvis Moss (1.8 PPG), Neal Begovich (0.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Spencer Jones (14.1 PPG), Michael Jones (9.5 PPG), Maxime Raynaud (8.8 PPG), Brandon Angel (9.5 PPG), James Keefe (4.7 PPG), Max Murrell (4.4 PPG), Ryan Agarwal (3.5 PPG), Benny Gealer (1.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Andrej Stojakovic (No. 21 in ESPN 100), Kanaan Carlyle (No. 43 in ESPN 100), Jared Bynum (10.0 PPG at Providence)

Departed or expected to depart: Jaime Jaquez Jr. (17.8 PPG), Amari Bailey (11.2 PPG), Jaylen Clark (13.0 PPG), Tyger Campbell (13.4 PPG), David Singleton (9.0 PPG)
In limbo: Adem Bona (7.7 PPG)
Expected to return: Dylan Andrews (3.3 PPG), Kenneth Nwuba (1.3 PPG), Mac Etienne (1.3 PPG), Will McClendon (1.0 PPG), Abramo Canka (1.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Sebastian Mack (No. 63 in ESPN 100), Devin Williams (No. 68 in ESPN 100), Brandon Williams (No. 71 in ESPN 100), Ilane Fibleuil (NR), Lazar Stefanovic (10.3 PPG at Utah)

Departed or expected to depart: Drew Peterson (13.9 PPG), Reese Dixon-Waters (9.8 PPG), Tre White (9.0 PPG), Malik Thomas (2.4 PPG), Iaroslav Niagu (0.4 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Boogie Ellis (17.7 PPG), Kobe Johnson (9.2 PPG), Vincent Iwuchukwu (5.4 PPG), Joshua Morgan (7.0 PPG), Kijani Wright (1.9 PPG), Harrison Hornery (1.5 PPG), Oziyah Sellers (1.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Isaiah Collier (No. 1 in ESPN 100), Arrinten Page (No. 38 in ESPN 100), Bronny James (No. 19 in ESPN 100), DJ Rodman (9.6 PPG at Washington State)

Departed or expected to depart: Lazar Stefanovic (10.3 PPG), Marco Anthony (9.7 PPG), Mike Saunders Jr. (4.1 PPG), Bostyn Holt (2.0 PPG), Jaxon Brenchley (1.0 PPG)
In limbo: Branden Carlson (16.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Gabe Madsen (11.4 PPG), Rollie Worster (8.6 PPG), Ben Carlson (4.5 PPG), Wilguens Exacte Jr. (3.6 PPG), Keba Keita (3.0 PPG), Luka Tarlac (0.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Hunter Erickson (JC), Cole Bajema (8.8 PPG at Washington), Lawson Lovering (4.9 PPG at Colorado)

Departed or expected to depart: Keyon Menifield (10.0 PPG), Cole Bajema (8.8 PPG), Noah Williams (8.7 PPG), PJ Fuller II (6.2 PPG), Jamal Bey (6.9 PPG), Tyler Linhardt (2.0 PPG), Langston Wilson (1.7 PPG), Kyle Luttinen (0.9 PPG), Jackson Grant (0.5 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Keion Brooks (17.7 PPG), Franck Kepnang (9.0 PPG), Braxton Meah (8.8 PPG), Koren Johnson (6.8 PPG)
Newcomers: Wesley Yates (No. 51 in ESPN 100), Christian King (NR), Moses Wood (15.3 PPG at Portland), Sahvir Wheeler (7.7 PPG at Kentucky), Anthony Holland (6.8 PPG at Fresno State)

Departed or expected to depart: TJ Bamba (15.8 PPG), DJ Rodman (9.6 PPG), Carlos Rosario (2.2 PPG), Mael Hamon-Crespin (3.0 PPG), Jack Wilson (0.3 PPG), AJ Rohosy (0.0 PPG), Dishon Jackson (redshirt)
In limbo: Mouhamed Gueye (14.3 PPG), Justin Powell (10.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Jabe Mullins (8.4 PPG), Andrej Jakimovski (7.7 PPG), Kymany Houinsou (3.9 PPG), Adrame Diongue (1.3 PPG), Dylan Darling (1.7 PPG)
Newcomers: Rueben Chinyelu (NR), Oscar Cluff (JC), Parker Gerrits (NR), Joseph Yesufu (4.1 PPG at Kansas)


Departed or expected to depart: Brandon Miller (18.8 PPG), Noah Clowney (9.8 PPG), Jaden Bradley (6.4 PPG), Noah Gurley (4.9 PPG), Dominick Welch (2.0 PPG), Nimari Burnett (5.6 PPG)
In limbo: Mark Sears (12.5 PPG), Jahvon Quinerly (8.7 PPG), Charles Bediako (6.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Rylan Griffen (5.9 PPG), Nick Pringle (3.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Davin Cosby (redshirt), Sam Walters (No. 50 in ESPN 100), Mouhamed Dioubate (four-star), Kris Parker (No. 73 in ESPN 100), Latrell Wrightsell Jr. (16.3 PPG at CSU Fullerton), Aaron Estrada (20.2 PPG at Hofstra)

Departed or expected to depart: Anthony Black (12.8 PPG), Nick Smith Jr. (12.5 PPG), Ricky Council IV (16.1 PPG), Makhel Mitchell (3.6 PPG), Kamani Johnson (2.2 PPG), Barry Dunning Jr. (0.3 PPG), Derrian Ford (0.7 PPG)
In limbo: Davonte Davis (10.9 PPG), Jordan Walsh (7.1 PPG)
Expected to return: Trevon Brazile (11.8 PPG), Makhi Mitchell (7.0 PPG), Jalen Graham (5.2 PPG), Joseph Pinion (2.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Baye Fall (No. 28 in ESPN 100), Layden Blocker (No. 30 in ESPN 100), Khalif Battle (17.9 PPG at Temple), Tramon Mark (10.1 PPG at Houston), Keyon Menifield (10.0 PPG at Washington), Jeremiah Davenport (9.1 PPG at Cincinnati), El Ellis (17.7 PPG at Louisville)

Departed or expected to depart: Wendell Green Jr. (13.7 PPG), Allen Flanigan (10.1 PPG), Zep Jasper (2.8 PPG), Yohan Traore (2.1 PPG), Chance Westry (2.5 PPG), Lior Berman (2.2 PPG), Babatunde Akingbola (0.3 PPG)
In limbo: Jaylin Williams (11.2 PPG), Johni Broome (14.2 PPG), Dylan Cardwell (3.7 PPG)
Expected to return: K.D. Johnson (8.9 PPG), Chris Moore (3.5 PPG), Tre Donaldson (2.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Aden Holloway (No. 16 in ESPN 100), Denver Jones (20.1 PPG at FIU), Chaney Johnson (15.9 PPG at Alabama-Huntsville)

Departed or expected to depart: Colin Castleton (16.0 PPG), Myreon Jones (5.4 PPG), Kowacie Reeves (8.5 PPG), Kyle Lofton (8.7 PPG), Alex Fudge (5.8 PPG), Niels Lane (2.4 PPG), CJ Felder (2.3 PPG), Jason Jitoboh (3.1 PPG), Trey Bonham (5.6 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Riley Kugel (9.9 PPG), Will Richard (10.4 PPG), Aleks Szymczyk (2.1 PPG), Denzel Aberdeen (1.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Thomas Haugh (three-star), Alex Condon (NR), EJ Jarvis (11.3 PPG at Yale), Walter Clayton Jr. (16.8 PPG at Iona), Micah Handlogten (7.6 PPG at Marshall), Tyrese Samuel (11.0 PPG at Seton Hall)

Departed or expected to depart: Terry Roberts (13.2 PPG), Kario Oquendo (12.7 PPG), Braelen Bridges (8.7 PPG), KyeRon Lindsay (6.2 PPG), Jailyn Ingram (3.3 PPG), Mardrez McBride (4.7 PPG), Jaxon Etter (2.1 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Justin Hill (8.6 PPG), Jabri Abdur-Rahim (7.1 PPG), Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe (5.5 PPG), Frank Anselem (2.9 PPG), Jusaun Holt (3.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Lamariyon Jordan (No. 83 in ESPN 100), Dylan James (No. 90 in ESPN 100), Silas Demary (four-star), Jalen DeLoach (9.7 PPG at VCU), RJ Melendez (6.0 PPG at Illinois), Blue Cain (No. 53 in ESPN 100), Noah Thomasson (19.5 PPG at Niagara)

Departed or expected to depart: Cason Wallace (11.7 PPG), Sahvir Wheeler (7.7 PPG), Jacob Toppin (12.4 PPG), CJ Fredrick (6.1 PPG), Daimion Collins (1.9 PPG), Lance Ware (2.0 PPG)
In limbo: Oscar Tshiebwe (16.5 PPG), Antonio Reeves (14.4 PPG), Chris Livingston (6.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Adou Thiero (2.3 PPG), Ugonna Onyenso (2.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Justin Edwards (No. 3 in ESPN 100), D.J. Wagner (No. 4 in ESPN 100), Aaron Bradshaw (No. 6 in ESPN 100), Robert Dillingham (No. 14 in ESPN 100), Reed Sheppard (No. 22 in ESPN 100)

Departed or expected to depart: KJ Williams (17.7 PPG), Adam Miller (11.5 PPG), Cam Hayes (8.1 PPG), Trae Hannibal (6.8 PPG), Justice Hill (5.6 PPG), Justice Williams (3.3 PPG), Kendal Coleman (2.3 PPG), Shawn Phillips (1.4 PPG), Corneilous Williams (redshirt)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Derek Fountain (8.0 PPG), Jalen Reed (3.7 PPG), Tyrell Ward (3.7 PPG), Mwani Wilkinson (2.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Corey Chest (four-star), Mike Williams (four-star), Jalen Cook (19.9 PPG at Tulane), Will Baker (13.6 PPG at Nevada), Jordan Wright (10.6 PPG at Vanderbilt), Carlos Stewart (15.2 PPG at Santa Clara), Hunter Dean (8.7 PPG at George Washington)

Departed or expected to depart: D.J. Jeffries (8.8 PPG), Dashawn Davis (8.7 PPG), Tyler Stevenson (3.9 PPG), Eric Reed Jr. (3.7 PPG), Will McNair Jr. (3.3 PPG), Kimani Hamilton (2.6 PPG), Jamel Horton Jr. (1.4 PPG), Martavious Russell (1.7 PPG)
In limbo: Tolu Smith (15.7 PPG)
Expected to return: Shakeel Moore (9.8 PPG), Cameron Matthews (6.9 PPG), Shawn Jones Jr. (3.2 PPG), KeShawn Murphy (3.3 PPG)
Newcomers: Gai Chol (four-star), Adrian Myers (NR), Jaquan Scott (JC), Lerenzo Fort III (JC), Josh Hubbard (No. 84 in ESPN 100)

Departed or expected to depart: DeAndre Gholston (10.9 PPG), D’Moi Hodge (14.7 PPG), Sean East II (7.3 PPG), Tre Gomillion (4.8 PPG), Isiaih Mosley (9.6 PPG), Ronnie DeGray III (2.1 PPG), Mohamed Diarra (3.2 PPG), Kaleb Brown (0.8 PPG)
In limbo: Kobe Brown (15.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Noah Carter (9.6 PPG), Nick Honor (7.9 PPG), Aidan Shaw (2.7 PPG)
Newcomers: Trent Pierce (No. 56 in ESPN 100), Jordan Butler (four-star), Anthony Robinson (four-star), John Tonje (14.6 PPG at Colorado State), Tamar Bates (6.1 PPG at Indiana), Caleb Grill (9.5 PPG at Iowa State), Jesus Carralero (10.6 PPG at Campbell)

Departed or expected to depart: Daeshun Ruffin (9.5 PPG), Amaree Abram (8.0 PPG), Myles Burns (8.0 PPG), Robert Allen (4.4 PPG), James White (4.0 PPG), Josh Mballa (3.4 PPG), Tye Fagan (3.0 PPG), Jayveous McKinnis (4.6 PPG), Theo Akwuba (2.5 PPG), Malique Ewin (1.4 PPG)
In limbo: Matthew Murrell (14.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Jaemyn Brakefield (11.1 PPG), TJ Caldwell (4.7 PPG)
Newcomers: Jordan Burks (four-star), Rashad Marshall (four-star), Jacob Gazzo (three-star), Cameron Barnes (three-star), Brandon Murray (13.7 PPG at Georgetown), Austin Nunez (4.5 PPG at Arizona State), Jamarion Sharp (7.4 PPG at Western Kentucky)

Departed or expected to depart: GG Jackson (15.4 PPG), Chico Carter Jr., (9.8 PPG), Hayden Brown (11.4 PPG), Daniel Hankins-Sanford (2.3 PPG), Ford Cooper Jr. (0.9 PPG), Ja’Von Benson (0.5 PPG), Tre-Vaughn Minott (0.4 PPG)
In limbo: Meechie Johnson (12.7 PPG)
Expected to return: Jacobi Wright (7.3 PPG), Josh Gray (4.3 PPG), Benjamin Bosmans-Verdonk (1.9 PPG), Zachary Davis (2.2 PPG), Eli Sparkman (1.4 PPG), Ebrima Dibba (redshirt)
Newcomers: Collin Murray-Boyles (No. 60 in ESPN 100), Arden Conyers (three-star), Myles Stute (8.4 PPG at Vanderbilt), Stephen Clark (16.3 PPG at The Citadel), Ta’Lon Cooper (9.9 PPG at Minnesota), B.J. Mack (16.6 PPG at Wofford)

Departed or expected to depart: Olivier Nkamhoua (10.8 PPG), Tyreke Key (8.2 PPG), Uros Plavsic (4.9 PPG), B.J. Edwards (1.2 PPG)
In limbo: Josiah-Jordan James (10.0 PPG), Julian Phillips (8.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Santiago Vescovi (12.5 PPG), Zakai Zeigler (10.7 PPG), Jahmai Mashack (4.7 PPG), Jonas Aidoo (5.1 PPG), Tobe Awaka (3.2 PPG), D.J. Jefferson (redshirt)
Newcomers: Freddie Dilione (No. 36 in ESPN 100), J.P. Estrella (No. 66 in ESPN 100), Cameron Carr (No. 87 in ESPN 100), Cade Phillips (four-star), Jordan Gainey (15.2 PPG at USC Upstate), Chris Ledlum (18.8 PPG at Harvard), Dalton Knecht (20.2 PPG at Northern Colorado)

Departed or expected to depart: Tyrece Radford (13.3 PPG), Dexter Dennis (9.5 PPG), Andre Gordon (2.2 PPG), Khalen Robinson (1.8 PPG), Erik Pratt (1.4 PPG), Javonte Brown (1.7 PPG), Ashton Smith
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Wade Taylor IV (16.3 PPG), Julius Marble (9.1 PPG), Manny Obaseki (5.2 PPG), Henry Coleman III (9.0 PPG), Hayden Hefner (3.4 PPG), Andersson Garcia (3.2 PPG), Solomon Washington (3.2 PPG)
Newcomers: Bryce Lindsay (NR), Jace Carter (16.6 PPG at UIC), Eli Lawrence (12.2 PPG at Middle Tennessee)

Departed or expected to depart: Liam Robbins (15.0 PPG), Tyrin Lawrence (13.1 PPG), Jordan Wright (10.6 PPG), Myles Stute (8.4 PPG), Trey Thomas (5.8 PPG), Noah Shelby (3.7 PPG), Quentin Millora-Brown (3.5 PPG), Malik Dia (2.6 PPG), Emmanuel Ansong (2.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Ezra Manjon (10.5 PPG), Colin Smith (4.7 PPG), Paul Lewis (2.9 PPG), Lee Dort (1.7 PPG)
Newcomers: Isaiah West (four-star), JaQualon Roberts (four-star), Carter Lang (four-star), Jason Rivera-Torres (three-star), Malik Presley (four-star), Evan Taylor (14.2 PPG at Lehigh)

Other notables


Departed or expected to depart: Michael Forrest (8.4 PPG)
In limbo: Johnell Davis (13.9 PPG), Alijah Martin (13.1 PPG)
Expected to return: Bryan Greenlee (7.4 PPG), Nicholas Boyd (8.9 PPG), Vladislav Goldin (10.3 PPG), Jalen Gaffney (4.4 PPG), Brandon Weatherspoon (5.1 PPG), Giancarlo Rosado (5.7 PPG), Isaiah Gaines (1.8 PPG), Tre Carroll (3.4 PPG), Brenen Lorient (3.3 PPG), Alejandro Ralat (0.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Devin Vanterpool (NR)

Departed or expected to depart: Kendric Davis (21.9 PPG), DeAndre Williams (17.7 PPG), Elijah McCadden (7.6 PPG), Keonte Kennedy (9.2 PPG), Damaria Franklin (5.1 PPG), Malcolm Dandridge (5.7 PPG), Alex Lomax (6.8 PPG), Johnathan Lawson (3.4 PPG), Kaodirichi Akobundu-Ehiogu (2.6 PPG), Jahmar Young Jr.,
In limbo: Mikey Williams (No. 46 in ESPN 100)
Expected to return: Jayden Hardaway (5.4 PPG), Chandler Lawson (5.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Javonte Taylor (No. 61 in ESPN 100), Ashton Hardaway (No. 88 in ESPN 100), Carl Cherenfant (four-star), Ryan Forrest (three-star), Nick Jourdain (6.3 PPG at Temple), Caleb Mills (13.0 PPG at Florida State), Jonathan Pierre (14.5 PPG at Nova Southeastern), Teafale Lenard Jr., (8.3 PPG at Middle Tennessee), Jayhlon Young (4.5 PPG at UCF)

Atlantic 10

Departed or expected to depart: Adrian Baldwin Jr. (12.7 PPG), Brandon Johns Jr. (11.6 PPG), Jalen DeLoach (9.7 PPG), Jamir Watkins (9.5 PPG), Jayden Nunn (9.3 PPG), David Shriver (6.5 PPG), Nick Kern (5.3 PPG), Josh Banks (2.8 PPG), Jarren McAllister (redshirt)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Zeb Jackson (5.2 PPG), Josh Banks (2.8 PPG), Toibu Lawal (1.3 PPG), Christian Fermin (0.4 PPG), Alphonzo Billups III (0.3 PPG)
Newcomers: Max Shulga (11.9 PPG at Utah State), Sean Bairstow (10.3 PPG at Utah State), Jason Nelson (8.0 PPG at Richmond), Joe Bamisile (4.0 PPG at Oklahoma), Roosevelt Wheeler (1.2 PPG at Louisville)


Departed or expected to depart: Ryan Larson (10.6 PPG), Dalton Bolon (12.2 PPG), Pat Robinson III (10.3 PPG), Jaylon Scott (4.3 PPG), Raekwon Horton (5.4 PPG), Charles Lampten (0.8 PPG), Babacar Faye (4.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Ante Brzovic (11.6 PPG), Reyne Smith (10.8 PPG), Ben Burnham (8.8 PPG)
Newcomers: Mayar Wol (four-star), James Scott (three-star), Bryce Butler (22.4 PPG at West Liberty), Kobe Rodgers (13.2 PPG at Nova Southeastern), CJ Fulton (10.4 PPG at Lafayette), Frankie Policelli (13.7 PPG at Stony Brook)

Mountain West

Departed or expected to depart: Marcus Shaver Jr. (13.4 PPG), Naje Smith (10.2 PPG), Lukas Milner (3.2 PPG), Pavle Kuzmanovic (1.9 PPG), Sadraque NgaNga (2.0 PPG), Mohamed Sylla (1.8 PPG), Burke Smith (0.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Max Rice (14.0 PPG), Chibuzo Agbo (11.5 PPG), Tyson Degenhart (14.1 PPG), Jace Whiting (3.1 PPG), Kobe Young (1.4 PPG)
Newcomers: Chris Lockett (four-star), Andrew Meadow (NR), Emmanuel Ugbo (NR), Roddie Anderson III (13.1 PPG at UC San Diego), Cam Martin (1.8 PPG at Kansas), O’Mar Stanley (4.7 PPG at St. John’s)

Departed or expected to depart: Will Baker (13.6 PPG), Darrion Williams (7.6 PPG), Trey Pettigrew (3.2 PPG), Hunter McIntosh (2.3 PPG), Michael Folarin (2.0 PPG in 2021-22)
In limbo: K.J. Hymes (9.0 PPG)
Expected to return: Jarod Lucas (17.0 PPG), Kenan Blackshear (14.1 PPG), Nick Davidson (6.9 PPG), Tre Coleman (6.3 PPG), Tyler Powell (2.2 PPG), Daniel Foster (1.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Tylan Pope (6.5 PPG at Tulane), Tyler Rolison (NR)

Departed or expected to depart: Morris Udeze (16.4 PPG), Josiah Allick (8.4 PPG), KJ Jenkins (7.4 PPG), Javonte Johnson (5.8 PPG), Birima Seck (1.0 PPG), Emmanuel Kuac (0.0 PPG), Jay Allen-Tovar (2.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jamal Mashburn Jr. (19.1 PPG), Jaelen House (16.9 PPG), Donovan Dent (5.6 PPG), Sebastian Forsling (1.5 PPG), Braden Appelhans (1.0 PPG)
Newcomers: Tru Washington (No. 99 in ESPN 100), Jadyn Toppin (NR), Nelly Junior Joseph (14.9 PPG at Iona), Jemarl Baker (12.5 PPG at Fresno State), Mustapha Amzil (9.3 PPG at Dayton)

Departed or expected to depart: Matt Bradley (12.5 PPG), Keshad Johnson (7.6 PPG), Nathan Mensah (6.1 PPG), Adam Seiko (6.1 PPG), Aguek Arop (4.5 PPG)
In limbo: Darrion Trammell (9.9 PPG), Lamont Butler (8.7 PPG), Jaedon LeDee (7.8 PPG)
Expected to return: Micah Parrish (7.7 PPG), Elijah Saunders (0.9 PPG)
Newcomers: Miles Heide (NR), B.J. Davis (four-star), Reese Dixon-Waters (9.8 PPG at USC)

Departed or expected to depart: Sage Tolbert III (8.1 PPG), Max Allen (1.3 PPG), Leo Torbor (0.9 PPG), Kellen King (1.2 PPG), Kevin Simeth (0.7 PPG), Ibrahima Diallo (6.0 PPG)
In limbo: Omari Moore (17.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Alvaro Cardenas (10.0 PPG), Robert Vaihola (7.6 PPG), Tibet Gorener (6.3 PPG), Trey Anderson (6.2 PPG), Myron Amey Jr. (5.6 PPG), Garrett Anderson (2.8 PPG), JT Elder (1.6 PPG), Ryen Perry (0.5 PPG)
Newcomers: Pasha Goodarzi (NR), William Humer (NR), Diogo Seixas (NR)

Departed or expected to depart: EJ Harkless (19.1 PPG), Luis Rodriguez (10.7 PPG), Keshon Gilbert (11.4 PPG), Jordan McCabe (5.5 PPG), Keyshawn Hall (5.4 PPG), David Muoka (4.6 PPG), Victor Iwuakor (3.0 PPG), Elijah Parquet (4.3 PG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Justin Webster (8.2 PPG), Jackie Johnson III (6.3 PPG), Shane Nowell (4.8 PPG), Isaiah Cottrell (redshirt)
Newcomers: Brooklyn Hicks (four-star), Jalen Hill (9.7 PPG at Oklahoma), Kalib Boone (10.6 PPG at Oklahoma State), Keylan Boone (13.9 PPG at Pacific)

Departed or expected to depart: Steven Ashworth (16.2 PPG), Taylor Funk (13.4 PPG), Max Shulga (11.9 PPG), Trevin Dorius (5.8 PPG), Sean Bairstow (10.3 PPG), Dan Akin (12.0 PPG), RJ Eytle-Rock (3.2 PPG), Rylan Jones (4.2 PPG), Szymon Zapala (0.6 PPG), Zee Hamoda (4.2 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Mason Falslev (redshirt), Isaac Johnson (redshirt), Landon Brenchley
Newcomers: Karson Templin (NR), Garrison Phelps (NR), Nigel Burris (8.8 PPG at Idaho), Dallin Grant (three-star in 2021), Kalifa Sakho (JC), Max Agbonkpolo (5.4 PPG at Wyoming), Great Osobor (10.1 PPG at Montana State), Darius Brown II (9.1 PPG at Montana State), Jackson Grant (0.5 PPG at Washington), Josh Uduje (13.3 PPG at Coastal Carolina), Javon Jackson (15.8 PPG at Southern Nazarene)


Departed or expected to depart: Drew Timme (21.2 PPG), Julian Strawther (15.2 PPG), Rasir Bolton (10.1 PPG), Dominick Harris (1.5 PPG), Hunter Sallis (4.5 PPG), Efton Reid III (2.1 PPG)
In limbo: Anton Watson (11.1 PPG), Malachi Smith (8.7 PPG)
Expected to return: Nolan Hickman (7.7 PPG), Ben Gregg (5.1 PPG)
Newcomers: Dusty Stromer (No. 33 in ESPN 100), Alex Toohey (four-star), Steele Venters (15.3 PPG at Eastern Washington), Ryan Nembhard (12.1 PPG at Creighton), Graham Ike (19.5 PPG at Wyoming in 2021-22)

Departed or expected to depart: Logan Johnson (14.5 PPG), Kyle Bowen (5.3 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Aidan Mahaney (13.9 PPG), Alex Ducas (12.5 PPG), Mitchell Saxen (11.6 PPG), Augustas Marciulionis (5.9 PPG), Harry Wessels (2.6 PPG), Josh Jefferson (2.2 PPG), Luke Barrett (2.4 PPG), Chris Howell (0.6 PPG)
Newcomers: Jordan Ross (four-star), Andrew McKeever (NR), Mason Forbes (8.0 PPG at Harvard)

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