Damar Hamlin recounts his return from death after CPR during match

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. Screengrab of a Youtube video

It was a life-or-death situation that required quick thinking and immediate action. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed during a match against the Cincinnati Bengals due to cardiac arrest, and it was only thanks to the on-field trainer’s heroic efforts that he survived.

Denny Kellington administered CPR for almost 10 minutes, and his actions revived Hamlin’s pulse just in time. Hamlin expressed his gratitude for Kellington’s quick thinking, stating that “he was literally the saviour of my life, you know, administering CPR on me.”

Hamlin’s recovery has been a testament to his resilience, but he knows that he wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Kellington’s presence of mind and willingness to do his job correctly. “If it wasn’t for someone showing up that day with a clear mind and just being present in the moment to do their job correctly, I wouldn’t be here today,” he stated in a recent interview.

This life-saving incident has sparked a crucial conversation about the importance of learning CPR, particularly among young people. Hamlin’s recovery is a testament to the fact that anyone can be a lifesaver, as long as they are willing to put aside their personal concerns and focus on the task at hand.

Thanks to Kellington’s quick actions and Hamlin’s resilience, the football player was released from the hospital just nine days after being placed on a ventilator. Hamlin now hopes to continue playing professional football, but he knows that he owes his life to the presence of mind and quick actions of someone who was willing to do their job correctly.

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