Can’t see middle-order in Pakistan playing XI: Rashid Latif

Former Pakistan cricketer, Rashid Latif, has expressed concern over the absence of a strong middle-order in the Pakistan cricket team, saying that the current line-up lacks solidity in that department. 

In an interview with a local media channel, Latif further stated that even if an opener is moved to the middle-order, they cannot be considered as true middle-order players.

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“We are not seeing a strong middle-order in our team right now. If you move an opener to the middle-order, I would not consider them a true middle-order player,” he said.

The 54-year-old pointed out that Haris Sohail is a middle-order player but is currently not playing, leaving Salman Ali Agha as the only current middle-order batsman in the team. 

According to him, constructing an innings in a 50-over game requires a player like Iftikhar Ahmed in the middle-order, who can stay on the pitch and play sensibly.

“Haris Sohail is a middle-order player though he is currently not playing due to injury, and Salman Ali Agha is the only current middle-order batsman. In a 50-over game, things are different from T20 where the focus is on hitting, even Shan will score runs in it, Babar and Rizwan will also make runs in it. In ODIs, you need to construct an innings, and that requires a player like Iftikhar Ahmed in the middle-order,” he said.

Rashid also emphasized that having only two middle-order players in the squad – Salman Ali Agha and Haris Sohail – may not be enough, and the team could be lacking a strong middle-order.

“There are many players who are playing in the domestic cricket as middle-order batsmen, and we have not even tried them. Maybe we are lacking a strong middle-order in our squad, as we only have two middle-order players – Salman Ali Agha and Haris Sohail. We need more solid middle-order players, as we have 4 to 5 solid openers but no solid middle-order,” he concluded.

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