Denver shooting at fans celebrating Nuggets’ NBA victory leaves 9 injured

Law enforcement vehicles drive past in honour of a fallen Boulder police officer. — Reuters/File
  • Shooter struck amid NBA celebration.
  • Suspect shot, arrested by Denver police.
  • Denver shooting follows Maryland rampage.

In a mass shooting in Denver, Colorado, which struck a clamorous crowd celebrating the victory of their favourite team in an NBA clash, at least nine revellers were injured with three of them in critical condition, police said Monday night.

The shooting took place when the crowd was making a whoopee over the defeat of the Miami Heat at the hands of the Nuggets at the Ball Arena less than a mile away.

The incident comes after a shooting near the 2000 Block of Market Street.

“The suspect was arrested as he was also shot,” said police.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, a mass shooting in Denver is among at least 290 mass shootings in the US so far this year.

Denver Police Department said in a statement that the suspect’s injuries were believed to have been non-life threatening.

“This is a complex, ongoing investigation in its early stages,” the Police department said, adding that “preliminary info indicates multiple shots were fired during an altercation involving several individuals.”

It was the latest incident of gun violence after two mass shootings took place in Annapolis and Houston Club respectively within 24 hours killing multiple people.

The shooting in Annapolis, Maryland Monday killed at least three people, injuring the other three.

Earlier, a Houston nightclub rampage early Sunday left six injured of which one is said to have sustained life-threatening injuries.

On Friday, there was also a mass shooting in San Francisco’s Mission District neighbourhood which left at least nine injured.

Police earlier in the evening closed some downtown streets as large crowds exited the arena.

“Many of those fans had dispersed before the shooting began, but there was a smaller crowd lingering around the area,” a police spokesperson said.

Denver Police Spokesperson Doug Schepman told CBS News the shooting happened roughly three-and-a-half hours after the game, in the area where the biggest crowd of fans had gathered, though there was a smaller crowd when the gunfire broke out.

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