Why Megan Fox spared Elon Musk for using Twitter against her?

Megan Fox raised eyebrows when she spared Elon Musk but hit back at Robby Starbuck, a conservative commentator, for accusing her of forcing her sons to wear girls clothes.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “I really don’t want to give you this attention because clearly youre a clout chaser but let me teach you something.. irregardless of how desperate you may become at any given time to acquire wealth, power, success, or fame – never use children as leverage or social currency. especially under malevolent and erroneous pretense. Exploiting my child’s gender identity to gain attention in your political campaign has put you on the wrong side of the universe.”

The actress called her self “the wrong witch” the commentator tried to mess with.

Although Elon Musk played his part in spreading the allegations against the actress by commenting on Starbuck’s tweet, Meghan Fox fell short of saying anything about the Twitter and Tesla CEO.

Elon Musk once again targeted the actress by referring to her Instagram post on Twitter.

“Looking to hire a VP of Witchcraft & Propaganda” he wrote after Fox referred to herself as a “witch” amid a social media row with conservative commentator Robby Starbuck.

Starbuck had shared the actor’s photo with her children and wrote, “These are Megan Fox’s sons. We used to live in the same gated community and our kids played at the park. I saw two of them have a full on breakdown saying they were forced by their mom to wear girls clothes as their nanny tried to console them. It’s pure child abuse. Pray for them.”

Why Megan Fox spared Elon Musk for using Twitter against her?

He used Twitter to spread the accusations that she has allegedly forced her sons to wear girls clothes.

Megan Fox is no longer active on Twitter. She used the social media website for a few days in 2013 and amassed 1.3 million followers.

Why Megan Fox spared Elon Musk for using Twitter against her?

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